Airwheel A6S Ability Medical Power Wheelchair Is Born For Enhanced Performance and Maximum Stability

Compared with other products, some humanized design details have been added to Airwheel A6S Power and Manual wheelchairs. Like other models, it further extends its business scope, to make more people enjoy a free intelligent life.

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Airwheel A6S Manual Wheelchair is a recent development that uses the frame & seating of a typical rigid manual chair while replacing the standard rear wheels with wheels of similar size which incorporate batteries and battery-powered motors in the hubs. Made from durable, lightweight aircraft quality aluminum making it extremely durable and able to hold up to 90kg.

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Airwheel A6S Folding Power chair is designed for user’s simple operation. It has a programmable controller with a wide range of selections to suit the needs and demands of different users. The controller controls A6S to turn left and right, and to accelerate, decelerate and brake needs the change of body gravity, like the self-balancing scooter does. After opening the switch button, lean your body forward and A6S moves forward. More forward, the faster the speed. Lean your body backward, A6S moves backwards, more backward, the faster the speed to backward.
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Recent technological advances are slowly improving wheelchair and power chair technology. Airwheel A6S self-balancing wheelchair is equipped with a reducer with dual back drivers is used to ensure the stability and reliability of driving. Then, its seat design complying with Human Engineering provide user with enough coziness. Long time sitting will not make them feel boring and tired. Wheelchair seating systems are designed both to support the user in the sitting position and to redistribute pressure from areas of the body that are at risk of pressure ulcers. And Airwheel A6S Motorized chair could be folded and the pedals could be dismantled, easy for package, delivery and storage in household.

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Also, A6S smart electric wheelchairs is a manually propelled wheelchair, where the propulsive force is provided either by the wheelchair user/occupant pushing the wheelchair by hand (“self-propelled”), or by an attendant pushing from the rear (“attendant propelled”). Riders can ride it independently, or some friend and relative can accompany with them to have a talk.

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