Aires Technologies Offering Proven Technology to Protect People from Harmful Radiation

Radiation Protection Products That Block the Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

The more technology becomes a part of our daily life, the greater the risk of harm is from the radiation being released into the environment. Cell phones are one of the greatest problems with so many people constantly holding them against their body. Aires Technologies offers award-winning products that protect homes and individuals from the radiation emitted from small and large devices including:

Cell Phones
• Cordless Phones
• Monitors
• Tablets
• Routers
• Baby Monitors
• PCs
• Smart TVs

The Aires Shield series devices are made to use with small devices such as cell phones. Aires Black Crystal is made to apply to larger devices such as microwave ovens while the Aires Defender product range includes devices that provide universal protection for the human body.

The radiation protection products from Aires Technologies are clinically and scientifically approved after undergoing rigorous testing. They are made using the highest quality materials and manufacturing technology along with quality control practices. Their products encompass a full range of devices to keep people safe from electromagnetic radiation. The factors that set Aires Tech apart are their technical team of qualified professionals who are PHD’s in the fields of medicine and physics, unparalleled R&D facilities, and the technology that has resulted in products that have won numerous awards.

Using the Aires Shield for blocking radiation produced by a cell phone is easy. Just detach the product from the packaging and apply the sticky side directly to the device or to the case. Information on where to apply the devices to any type of product is given on the company website. The end result is a high level of effectiveness that has been proven in testing in scientific, medical, and physics institutes. While the Aires Shield Extreme can only be used on one device, it will continue to work as long as it maintains its structural integrity.

Although many people still doubt the concern that radiation from cell phones is a real concern, evidence shows that it is much safer to err on the side of prevention. No other product of their kind has the scientific evidence and testing results behind it as that from Aires Technologies.

About Aires Technologies

Aires Technologies ( is an award-winning technology manufacturer that produces protective devices that protect people from the exposure to radiation they encounter in their environments every day. Their ground-breaking discoveries in electromagnetic fields have led to the creation of more than 200 products and solutions which are 100% ecologically friendly and safe for human use. Their primary focus is to develop technology that minimizes the harmful effects of radiation produced by cell phones, microwaves, baby monitors, and other appliances we use that can otherwise lead to harm.

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