Aircraft AFP/ATL Composite Market – Developing Fast and Steady

Aircraft AFP/ATL Composite Market – Developing Fast and Steady

Stratview Research report on Aircraft AFP/ATL Composite Market estimates growth to reach US$ 4 Billion by the year 2024.
The launched report of Stratview Reseach on Aircraft AFT/ATL Composite Material highlights about the benefits of AFP and ATL replacing manual handling of composites. The report shows not only the current market trends and the various images but also throws light on the estimated figures in the future of the AFP/ATL Composite market during the forecast period.

The proportion of composites in the manufacturing of the aircraft is on the rise due to a wide range of benefits such as lightweight, fuel efficiency, temperature resistance, and others. Though the usage of composites is offering beneficial properties to the aircraft, making of such composites are quite hazardous to the labors, due to the manual grinding and sanding of different resins. Offering proper protection, on the other hand, can lead to costly protection equipment options.

Developments such as Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) and Automated Tape Layup (ATL) have slowly replaced the manual handling of the composites, offering a number of beneficial factors such as faster material deposition speed, enhanced part quality, lesser material waste, low production cost, and seamless transition in between manufacturing and design.

Stratview Research report explains both the processes and talks about the different applications such as the fuselage section, wings for which the processes are being used. As per the report, AFP dominated the market in 2018 and is also the fastest-growing segment.

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Apart from the process, the materials used in the manufacturing of the parts is also of eminent importance such as the carbon fillers that are known for their strength, high fatigue resistance, and low weight.

As per the Stratview report, carbon filler composites dominate the global aircraft AFP/ATL composites market followed by others such as glass fiber composites and Aramid fiber composites.

A region-wise segmentation in the report claims North America to be the topmost market for aircraft AFP/ATL composites in 2018. The countries in the global market that are growing consistently are the USA, France, China, Germany, and the UK.  

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With the increasing demand for the composites, as much as 50% of the usage has been noticed in the next generation aircrafts such as A350XWB and B787. The wings and the fuselage of these aircraft are made up of composites using the AFP process.

Due to the need for high capital investments, the market is consolidated with the manufacturing players Spirit AeroSystems, Premier Aerotech, Leonardo S.p.A, Boeing, and Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

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The process of AFP comes along with some drawbacks too such as its high cost. Stratview reports state how despite the drawbacks, the market of AFP is flourishing and will have a bright future ahead.

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