AI-powered service Vidby translates Zelenskyy’s speeches into 50 languages – Denys Krasnikov

AI-powered service Vidby translates Zelenskyy’s speeches into 50 languages - Denys Krasnikov
Modern tools significantly expand the translation market, speeding up and simplifying the translation process. With an AI-based technology developed by Vidby, you can translate audio and video files of any complexity in real time.

Meet Alexander Konovalov, Eugen von Rubenberg and Denys Krasnikov – the creators behind the unique machine video translation service called Vidby. Their online translation tool offers an unprecedented 99% translation accuracy – a result that as of now remains unmatched. 

“We’re proud that our product was used to translate the announcements of Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy into numerous languages and dialects when he spoke in front of parliaments from across the world, took the stage at the UN Assembly and at the World Economic Forum, and when he gave joint interviews with his spouse.  Since February 2022, Mr. Zelenskyy has been the number one newsmaker in the world, and thanks to our service, his messages can reach people from far and wide in their own language, thus leaving a greater impact”, – Denys Krasnikov says, Vidby co-founder, Ukrainian entrepreneur who lives in New York and is going to develop this innovative technology for the American market. 

What else does Vidby have in store?

The service is updated and improved on a daily basis. Besides translations, the software can extract human speech from an audio file, leaving out any noise and music. Vidby also has a built-in online editor that allows you to tweak pronunciation settings. This comes in useful when you need to translate dialects and unique names. 

An all-time customer-favorite feature is the ability to generate high-quality subtitles in the SRT format (SubRip Subtitle). This feature is available at no extra charge. 

Among other exciting things that are happening for Vidby, are the ongoing talks with Samsung regarding the integration of the Vidby technology into the products of the South Korean juggernaut.

“Vidby’s AI-powered translation technology is efficient and economically viable. We’re interested in taking this partnership to the next level”, –  a representative of Samsung’s strategic group stated who is heading up AI-based projects. 

Video content (and its translations) are the cutting-edge future

According to statistics, 46% of consumers watch infomercials about the product they’re interested in buying in the original language. Now, thanks to Vidby, this information is made available in your first language. 

If you think that an AI-powered translation tool is not something you can afford, you are in for a surprise. 

It costs only $5.9 per minute for the first language to reach the highest translation quality of 99-100% accuracy and just 90 cents for every additional one from the list of 67 languages and 60 dialects.

Everything from detecting speech, to translating, overdubbing and audio editing is performed automatically which makes it much cheaper and faster compared to what you get from a traditional translation service. 

“Our mission is to make all video content understandable while preserving the linguistic diversity of the world. Moreover, it will help people and companies get the most benefit from their videos by increasing their international reach. We believe that video content is at the cutting-edge of digital communication and has never been more important than it is now,” – Krasnikov stresses.  

His words are supported by data from WYZOwl, according to which 87% of companies use videos as their main marketing tool. Consequently, Vidby-powered multi-language content generated with a few clicks can be leveraged to attract more clients and boost product sales.




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