AI Lawyer: A Practical Tool for Today’s Legal Tasks

The presence of AI in the legal industry is here to stay. If you are a lawyer or own a law firm and keep up with legal technology, you may have come across various articles discussing artificial intelligence.

The increasing use of AI in other fields, such as healthcare and technology, may have you feeling both optimistic and anxious about its potential impact on the legal sector.

But what exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

As IBM states, artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that enables computers and machines to mimic human intelligence and problem-solving skills. The concept of AI has always fascinated people, inspiring them to imagine and dream about the possibilities it holds.

Previously, it was commonly believed that AI would pose a threat to various professions, potentially displacing jobs. However, in reality, it has been found to enable us to achieve better work outcomes. It acts as a tool that makes people stronger, not by replacing them, but by empowering them with new capabilities.

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How to Use AI as a Lawyer

So, what does this mean for the use of AI in the legal field? AI Lawyer, a company at the forefront of the legal industry, has been making significant strides in the use and integration of AI into legal operations for over a year. Initially, the company focused on serving B2C clients and achieved great success.

Currently, with over 100,000 users, AI Lawyer has demonstrated a growing demand for AI solutions tailored to the legal industry. However, since 2024, the company has also been working on a B2B model, catering to law firms. In general AI Lawyer caters to three main audiences: individuals seeking legal assistance, lawyers in need of a personal assistant tool, and law firms looking to optimize routine tasks.

AI Lawyer as a Main Player in the Legal Field

This strategic approach allows AI Lawyer to offer customized solutions for a wide range of legal needs. On the other hand, lawyers can leverage AI as a personal assistant to boost their productivity by automating tasks like legal research and document management.

For law firms, AI Lawyer serves as a powerful tool to streamline operations, saving time and resources on routine tasks and enabling them to focus on delivering high-value services. Studies have estimated that lawyers can save 40-80% of their work time with the help of AI Lawyer, including tasks like reading and writing contracts, conducting legal research, and attracting and managing clients.

How does AI Lawyer enhance productivity in law firms?

Legal Research with AI Lawyer Legal research is a fundamental aspect of legal practice. The traditional process of searching for specific legislation to support a case could take hours or even days. This is where AI technology shines, significantly improving efficiency by quickly sifting through thousands of sources in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, the addition of an “Internet” button allows for searching the most up-to-date information online, providing structured results and reducing confusion. Conversely, deactivating the “Internet” mode shifts the focus to processing large volumes of data. In this mode, AI Lawyer uses powerful analysis to sort through information and present it in an easily understandable format. Let’s look at an example of how this works.

Quick document summarization. We used the agreement summary function.

The specialty of Lawyer AI is easily seen in document handling. In case you need to find information in a list of documents, you can simply upload them all to the repository, write a query and the Lawyer AI will find the answer in those documents. This will save a tremendous amount of time.

Additionally, you can create separate folders for chats and documents, keeping all the information related to a legal case in one place, instead of scrolling through a massive chat history with the AI.

To make their lives even easier, the developers have added the ability to upload documents from Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, DropPoint, Dropbox, Box and Notion.

Storage and Integration with Major Services for Document Workflow Optimization

AI Lawyer streamlines this process with its advanced document handling capabilities, including: Quick Summarization: Get a brief overview of documents, important points, and clarify any contract details within seconds. Image-to-Text Conversion: AI Lawyer can quickly convert it to text. Document Translation: Translate a legal document into any language in the world while maintaining a professional tone. Document Comparison: Compare documents in detail, highlighting differences and similarities. Document Creation: Create legal documents from scratch, from simple ones like rental agreements or car sales to more complex tasks like company takeovers, divorce settlements, and other legal cases.

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