Ahmer Ibrahim, 18-Year-Old Entrepreneur, Shares His Remarkable Story to Inspire Youth Interested in Business

Ahmer Ibrahim, 18-Year-Old Entrepreneur, Shares His Remarkable Story to Inspire Youth Interested in Business
Founder of Remha Media, The Digital Aficionado reveals how he got started, and became motivated to build a successful agency as a mere teenager

NEW YORK – Sep 12, 2020 – Ahmer Ibrahim, the 18-year-old entrepreneur and founder of the successful Remha Media online advertising agency, is sharing his remarkable story to inspire youth who are interested in business careers. Known by clients as the Digital Aficionado, Ibrahim came out of an impoverished background to find his calling in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. He believes his experience shows how young people can make successes of themselves if they focus on what they are good at—though they first have to figure that out.

Ibrahim currently describes himself as “an all-around guy,” but he admits he wasn’talways the individual blessed withfortune. Growing up in a poor family of immigrants, he had felt his career options were limited. Then, in high school, he saw an ad about “things school doesn’t teach you” and then begun devouringcountless books regarding the matter.

These experiences put Ibrahim in a dilemma. “I started to question many things I had been told about what it took to be successful and earn a living,” he said. Although he was just 16, Ibrahim created a bucket list for what he wanted to do, in terms of business and success. As he put it, “Some ideas stuck, some didn’t.”

Eager to learn more, he joined a school business club called DECA and started selling chocolate for a fundraiser. Ibrahim explained, “At first, I was afraid to sell a single bar, but afterthe first one sold, I consistently sold 40 a day, 200 every week.” While he didn’t personally earn any money from the chocolate sales, he acknowledged his ability to sell. He asked himself, “Why not be able to monetize this?” So at 16, he had begun selling his own chocolates at school and was quickly earning $200 a week.

After saving thousands of dollars from his small businessventure, Ibrahim flew to Dallas TX for a business conference and met multi-million-level entrepreneurs & businesspeople. He networked with them, went to more conferences, met more and more advanced individuals, learned and applied their lessons and teachings into some of his small-scale businesses.

At first, Ibrahim focused on ecommerce, but then branched out into online marketing. This was the start of Remha Media. The agency today is experiencing immense growth, specializing in paid advertising campaigns. Ibrahim also offers digital brand consulting and sales funnel services himself. His portfolio of businesses is rapidly expanding across multiple industry categories.

“That’s my story, more or less,” he said. “If I can do it, you can do it as well. Success is there for anyone if you’re willing to work for it. You need to make a plan, and know your strengths well. Then, it’s a matter of networking and building your brand.”

Ibrahim is very active on social media, maintaining accounts on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

For more information, visit https://www.remha-media.com/

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