AGI – Creating Limitless Profit Opportunities with Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

AGI - Creating Limitless Profit Opportunities with Cryptocurrency Arbitrage
With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, many exchanges have emerged. Along with those exchanges comes arbitrage opportunities for trades to take advantage of. AGI is one of the companies taking lead in the crypto-arbitrage industry.

Arbitrage is the concurrent purchase and sale of an asset to profit from an irregularity in the price. It is a trade that profits by utilizing the price differences of identical or similar financial instruments in different markets.

The concept of arbitrage trading is not a new one and has existed in stock, bond and foreign exchange markets for many years. However, due to the fast fluctuating prices of different exchanges, it is improbable for traders to profit from it manually.  To consistently profit from arbitrage, they deploy the use of trading bots and programs to do so.

Introducing AGI Group, a multi-faceted technology-focused trading company with a niche in high-speed algorithmic trading, AGI group is a fast-growing firm that specializes in stable, consistent digital wealth creation through streamlined technology and human traders with direct links to major exchanges around the world.

AGI aims to provide a secure, consistent and highly rewarding investment product for both holders of fiat money and digital currencies around the world with the use of their proprietary in-house trading systems ICAN.

ICAN is developed by AGI exclusively for cryptocurrency trading in today’s highly competitive markets. Built to work seamlessly with their risk management and capital control teams, ICAN consists of both a powerful front-end system that executes the trades and a back-end system that works with their AI machine learning programs to consistently enhance its trading strategies, execution and performance.

One of the fundamental members of the management team; Technology & Research Director Derek Sanders helped polish the ICAN system into what it is capable of today. Graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science at University of Cambridge, Sanders is with AGI since its inception. Sanders stated that it was an enjoyable experience working on the ICAN system with a team of highly driven and deeply motivated individuals. Sanders and his team strive to continuously develop the system to leverage technologies effectively and trade above market returns

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