Afterlife Medium on “The Lady of the Dunes” Case Raises Money for Ruth Marie Terry’s Provincetown, MA Headstone with Upcoming Medium Events

For 49 years, the oldest unsolved murder case in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The Lady of the Dunes remained a mystery of who this woman was and where she came from. Medium Lauren Robbins of Mansfield, Massachusetts was asked to participate in the filming of a documentary to help solve her identity, who killed her, and more in Provincetown, MA, in February of 2021. Robbins then wrote a book entitled Through Her Eyes – The Untold Story of Ruth Marie Terry, The Lady of the Dunes, to share Ruth’s untold stories that were not included in the documentary.

Lauren Robbins is Award-Winning, Tested, and Endorsed Psychic and Afterlife Medium who invested over two years of her time in helping to solve the identity of The Lady of the Dunes. On October 31, 2022, The Lady of the Dunes was identified as Ruth Marie Terry of Whitwell, TN. Although Robbins did not get Ruth’s name, she received the initials of L.M. and was told she had a son while connecting to the murder victim during and after filming, which led Robbins to Ruth’s son Richard who grew up in Livonia, Michigan (L.M.).

Robbins felt strongly that Ruth wanted her to connect to her son Richard Hanchett, who was adopted at birth, to help him to heal from the loss of never knowing his mother. What Lauren received from Ruth during and after filming for The Lady of the Dune Documentary was highly emotional, including Ruth not only repeatedly giving the initials of where her son lived but also details about her life, why she was in Massachusetts, and more, which has come to light as accurate and was detailed in Robbins book, released on December 8, 2022.

Lauren spoke to Ruth’s son Richard Hanchett for the first time in November of 2022, after contacting him on social media. The connection was immediate between Robbins and Hanchett, like when she connected to Ruth during filming. Richard told Lauren that he had “experiences” about Robbins before finding out his mother was murdered, seeing the documentary, and speaking to Robbins over the phone in a five-hour conversation. Hanchett wanted to meet Robbins in person to thank her.

Robbins vowed to The Lady of the Dunes that said that she would raise money for a headstone once she was identified and now she is doing just that by raising proceeds from two upcoming medium events Robbin’s is hosting on May 18, 2023 in her office in Mansfield, MA and May 25, 2023 online for those interested in the case and who live on Cape Cod, TN, or across the globe. Proceeds from both events will give Ruth a new headstone with her name on it in Provincetown, MA, which Hanchett is grateful for. Richard will pay for a headstone and service in Whitwell, TN, where Ruth was born.  Hanchett, now retired, set up a gofundme page to help cover costs to put his mother, Ruth Marie Terry, to rest in both  Massachusetts and Tennessee.

The details of both upcoming intimate medium events on May 18 and May 25, 2023, are outlined below and will include a short opening about The Lady of the Dunes for those following the case. These are unique and once in a lifetime opportunity from a medium on the case to learn more about Ruth and to help put her finally to rest in two locations she loved:

Thursday, May 18, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm – Mansfield, MA – Voices from Heaven Intimate Medium Event with Lauren Robbins at The Spiritual Path with Lauren Robbins. Limited to 25 guests. *VIP Tickets are also available.

Thursday, May 25, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm – Online Medium Event with Lauren Robbins of The Lady of the Dunes Documentary. Limited to 25 guests. *VIP Tickets are also available.

*VIP ticket holders will be able to stay longer after the event ends as a group to ask questions and receive additional messages from loved ones in spirit.

Lauren Robbins is an Award-Winning Tested and Endorsed Medium, Afterlife Medium for Science, Three-Time Author, and Spiritual Teacher with over 400+ 5-star reviews. She is the founder of The Spiritual Path with Lauren Robbins in Mansfield, MA. Lauren has appeared on The List TV Show, Married at First Sight TV Show, The Lady of Dunes Documentary with her husband, John Robbins and The Medium Lauren Robbins TV Show on The Bold Brave TV Network.  Various media outlets have also interviewed her for her work, including Google News, iHeartRadio, MassLive, and more.

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