Afrobeat Star And UK Songstress Collaborate In The Release Of A Single On World Health Day.

Afrobeat singer, Flavour N’abania and UK songstress Anna Reay collaborate with UK based charity Safe Haven – A Ray of Hope on World health day (7 April 2021).

The Charity single ‘She’s One In A Million’ on world Health Day pays homage to 93 to150 million children globally living with disability, 1 billion under privileged children multi dimensionally poor, with 359 million children living in extreme poverty following Covid-19 (UNICEF2021). It’s also in loving memory of Valerie Olalemi who sadly lost her fight last year, 21st April 2020, following her diagnosis at the age of 4 of chronic granulomatous disease (CGD).

Beautiful Valerie could no longer be physical to ply on the vision of an organization (Safe haven – A Ray of hope) she was a key part of. The organisation aims to continue to play its part with helping under privileged children and children living with disability.

Valerie’s Health deprived her a normal life, she experienced prolonged hospital admissions, suffered several complications and her unfortunate death at age 8 on 21st April 2020.

Valerie’s mum and Safe Haven – a ray of hope founder, Blessing Olalemi, wanted a way to honour the memory of her middle daughter and set about asking Valerie’s favourite singer Flavour N’abania to record a special song for her.

Blessing said: “Valerie was a beautiful girl. She was very creative and loved music. Her dream was to become a fashion designer. Valerie loved Flavour and he was one of her favourite musicians. She got in touch with his manager and was able to ask if Flavour could possibly consider recording a tribute song in Valerie memory, a song that could be a voice to every underprivileged/ children living with disability and the 1 in 2000 (in UK alone) children diagnosed with a rare disease every day.

“Unexpectedly, Flavour got back in contact, she was able to explain that Valerie’s favourite song was his 2017 smash hit ‘Virtuous Woman.’ she was in total disbelief when he agreed to re-remix the song, and ‘She’s One In A Million’ was born. Blessing added: Our hope is for the Charity single to raise vital funds to allow Safe Haven – A Ray of Hope to build a fashion design/creative centre in Newcastle for underprivileged and children living with disabilities and extending our hands reaching out to many others in Valerie’s memory. Multiple award-winning singer-songwriters Flavour N’abania said: “Having spoken to Blessing I was inspired, after learning about Valerie’s amazing fight. I’m a firm believer that charity starts at home, so I’m thrilled to know that the proceeds from the charity single ‘She’s One In A Million’ will go towards helping children in need.”

UK songstress Anna Reay said: I first met Valerie’s family in 21 May 2020, and I was honoured to sing at her funeral. She’s no longer with us, but she won’t easily be forgotten. Hopefully, the song with Flavour will help the charity to raise enough funds to build a school, which will continue Valerie’s legacy.”

‘She’s One In A Million’ will be available to download now from iTunes and Amazon Music, You can also make a voluntary through their website.

Notes to editor:

• ‘She’s One In A Million’ will be available to buy on all major download platforms, including iTunes or Amazon Music and will also be available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and more.

• You can also make a voluntary donation through our website

• Safe Haven – A Ray of Hope exists to help underprivileged children and children living with a disability.


Global statistics of 93 and 150 million children with disabilities under the age of 14, In Africa, an estimated 6.4% of children in this age range have moderate or severe disabilities. 

In UK alone you have 14.1 million disable people in the UK and 8% of children are disabled.

Before Covid-19, in the UK, 4.2 million children were living in poverty; over 30% of the children in the country (DWP, 2020). This numbers has risen since Covid-19.

In Africa prior to Covid-19 more than half the population was living in poverty. In Nigeria alone more than 80 million Nigerians were struggling to survive.

As we look back at the past year it is estimated that over 100 million people globally will be living in impoverished conditions by 2022 (Yonzan et al, 2020)

The effects that poverty can have on children can be devastating, 4.5 times more likely to develop severe mental health problems by the time they turn 11 (WHO, 2015)

As a result, children living in these conditions are more likely to suffer from disease, shorter life expectancy, lack of education, resources and future prospects, disabilities, malnutrition and so many more devastating effects have a direct correlation to poverty.

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