Africa’s Guardian Against Drought: The Impact of Sandre Commodities


Johannesburg – 11 December, 2023 – Sandre Commodities is a leading player in the trade industry, with a strong focus on revolutionizing the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region in anticipation of impending droughts.  

Recognizing the potential consequences of these natural disasters, Sandre Commodities is committed to early intervention and making a positive impact.


Sandre Commodities’ primary objective is to enhance the value of their clients’ businesses by directly sourcing high-quality commodities from farmers across South Africa. They specialize in providing a wide range of essential products, including maize, soybeans, sunflower, sugar beans, wheat, and sorghum. 

“To ensure efficient delivery, they have developed a robust transportation network, utilizing our own fleet of trucks and collaborating with reliable transport companies. Operating up to 10 trucks daily, we are dedicated to transporting commodities across Africa,” said Noma Sibanda, Procurement Executive at Sandre Commodities.

Their success extends beyond national borders, as they have ventured into cross-border markets in Zimbabwe and Botswana, achieving remarkable results in the movement of maize to neighbouring countries.

Droughts are not unfamiliar to Africa, and climate change experts predict that they will occur more frequently in the future. In 2024, Southern Africa is expected to face a severe drought. This is particularly concerning for a continent that heavily relies on agriculture, as it makes Africa highly vulnerable to the devastating effects of famines. Crop failures, food shortages, and economic instability are just a few of the challenges that arise from these natural disasters.

“At Sandre Commodities, we fully comprehend the importance of taking early action to support communities affected by droughts. Our aim is to make a significant difference in the trade industry and bolster the resilience of the SADC region. By providing high-quality goods, we strive to assist local communities, safeguard food security, and strengthen the economy,” concluded André Snyman, CEO at Sandre Commodities.

Sandre Commodities is committed to responsible trading practices and finding long-term solutions. This makes them a trusted partner in the industry.


Sandre Commodities is a reputable company that was established in 2010, originating from a family farm that has been passed down for three generations. Initially, they focused on growing various commodities and managing the farm. In 2020, they expanded their operations to include buying and selling physical maize, leading to significant growth in their fleet of trucks for transporting commodities across Africa. Their mission is to enhance the value of their clients’ businesses by directly sourcing commodities from farmers in South Africa. They offer a wide array of commodities and ensure seamless transportation through their own fleet of trucks and collaboration with reliable transport companies. They strive to offer farmers competitive prices while providing affordable commodities to their clients, establishing themselves as a trusted partner in the industry. 

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