AffordEdu makes tutoring services incredibly affordable with its online STEM classes

Leading online tutoring provider, AffordEdu, offers affordable tutoring for everyone with its online STEM classes available from as low as $5 per hour

AffordEdu is one of the leading providers of online classes that have stood out over the years for its amazing and tutoring classes that have helped millions of students across the globe. AffordEdu has gone a step further by ensuring students can get quality STEM classes online regardless of their location, helping to beat the price down by as low as $5 per hour when compared to 1 on 1 tutor costs.

Engineering, Maths and Science are extremely important courses that every student should grasp effective. With virtually every part of life depending on technological advancements, it has become more imperative for the young generation to master STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Unfortunately, there are not enough quality texts to cover these subjects. While there are few exceptional tutors for SAT and ACT covering these subjects, the cost of hiring a teacher is about $100 per hour, scaring away most parents. AffordEdu is therefore making it affordable for parents and students to learn these subjects by providing quality online classes at remarkably low prices.

AffordEdu provides a robust platform that allows for online tutoring and ensuring anyone can get quality online coaching classes without being restricted by location or finance. The platform hopes to provide affordable education to all, allowing users to have an edge when they head into the labor market. The tutoring platform comes in two parts – topic mastery and quick help.

“We have over 855 STEM members who are users of our website. Our vision is to connect STEM communities globally, help them ace and master the topic with affordable education and be ready when enter the job market,” said Sneharthi Roy, CEO of

The Online Math, STEM Tutoring classes are available for different grades of students and are categorized based on levels. Users of the platform can also plan their study as well as a book any of the highly experienced and well-trained tutors on any course of their choice, with each session using state of the art video conferencing, collaborative whiteboard, latex editor, screen sharing tool, hundreds of learning videos, and thousands of practice questions.

The company has been able to provide quality education at a lot cheaper price, while ensuring that students learn quicker and more effectively. It is no wonder AffordEdu is described as “The Next Generation of STEM Tutoring Tech Company” making education affordable for everyone.

About AffordEdu

AffordEdu is an online tutoring platform that provides a wide range of tutoring classes for users across the globe. Described as the next generation of tutoring-tech, the company focuses on adaptive learning using a customized knowledge map that addresses the specific needs of each student.

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