Aerotech Herman Nelson Launches New, All-In-One Portable Heater and Light Unit

Winnipeg, Canada – The makers of the famed Herman Nelson heater are now proud to present the latest and most advanced addition to its portable heater division – the HPL 600 D7. An ‘all-in-one’ solution to industrial, commercial and emergency situations, the light weight and high-performance unit offers commercial indirect recirculating heating features that combine the versatility of retractable LED light tower and diesel generator.

The HPL series has been designed as an all-purpose solution for clean air heating, jobsite lighting and electrical power, so that clients can do away with the need for multiple equipment. HPL600 D7 provides 600,000 BTUs of heat, 7kW of power and an ‘instant on’ lighting feature that is superior to metal halides. The unit is high on fuel savings and carries standard safety features such as full containment, external emergency stop, status beacon and flammable gas detection. The unit can be customized with specific options such as with or without a detachable light tower and with its smart design the HPL Series of units can be outfitted with any of the markets indirect fired oil electric heaters.

On the technical aspects, HPL600 D7 is superior to other commercial options in a range of areas. The heat cart is equipped with a high capacity Blaze 600 indirect fired oil electric heater delivering 588,000 BTU with a maximum discharge of length of 150ft and recirculating capabilities to dramatically reduce fuel consumption. The high static pressure fan allows the unit to be placed at safe distances, and the unit heats areas faster with quick drying capability. With a low power consumption of 11.4A, the unit is less demanding on the generator and offers surplus power. Other unique features include stainless steel heat exchangers and readily available maintenance parts.

Founded in 1973, Herman Nelson International is a leading supplier of industrial heaters to a range of industries worldwide, including aviation, mining, oil & gas, construction and the military. Aerotech Herman Nelson heaters can be found across the world, from Florida to Mongolia, and Antarctica to Anchorage. With world-class customer service, the company exports shipments via ground, ocean freight or air cargo routes with free documentation. All units are UL/CSA certified, completely portable, engine driven and forced-air and can be used as stand-alone equipment off the power grid.

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