Aernout Arends Turns To Indiegogo To Fund The Ambitious PYOUR Audio Project

Aernout Arends announces launch of campaign on Indiegogo for PYOUR Audio project.

Aernout Arends, product designer and musician, has announced that his Indiegogo campaign is now live. The campaign is hoping to raise a fixed goal fund of $144,500 for the PYOUR Audio project. It is basically a set of smart headphones that works differently than the conventional headphones.

“For a true music lover, music is emotion and emotion is at the core of our existence,” says Aernout Arends. “PYOUR Audio products symbolize music and that’s why we have created these smart headphones that help you hear music the way it is meant to sound regardless of your auricular abilities. Our headphone delivers music complete with all the finer details that you cannot enjoy with ordinary headphones.”

According to Arends, the hardware manufactured by Parrot (Zik 3), contains a special firmware that allow listeners to do things that’s not possible with any other headphone.  It adapts the sound to the hearing ability of the user and they can hear music just as it is meant to sound.

All it takes is a simple but highly accurate hearing test and the app will then calculate the best sound setting for the user and program it into the headphones. PYOUR Audio products offer a great way of rediscovering music. Users can also know the sound level that their ears are being exposed to. The innovatively designed and technologically superior headphones can limit the sound exposure. This is a highly useful feature that can help in protecting ears from noise induced hearing loss. The frequency response of the headphone can also be amended to the personal preference and taste of the user.

The PYOUR Audio headphone also offers the standard features of Parrot Zik3 such as noise cancellation, street mode, wireless charge, wireless streaming, presence sensor, and flight mode. It also changes text to speech to announce the name of an incoming call. Users can also control volume and track from the touchpad on the headphone.

Aernout Arends says that PYOUR Audio is the most versatile and personal sound system and without doubt the best sounding headphone available on the market. It is highly recommended for those have suffered hearing problems over the years. It is also the best way to protect ears against noise induced hearing loss through the use of headphones.

PYOUR Audio is committed to making products that will change the way people listen to music and establish that missing emotional connect listeners once had with their favorite tunes.

The prototype of the ZIK3 with custom firmware is ready. The team at Absolute Audio Labs founded by Aernout Arends have also completed and tested a Beta version of the PYOUR Audio app on iOS and Android.

The Indiegogo funding campaign has a target of $144,500. Aernout Arends is hopeful that they will be successful in raising the targeted funds.

About PYOUR Audio:

PYOUR Audio products have been designed to deliver music in its true and finest form to music lovers. The audio pack includes a Parrot ZIK3 headphone with special software and a simple, user-friendly app for restoring the enjoyment factor in music. The sound system can also prevent hearing loss through sustained use of headphones. PYOUR Audio products is all about rediscovering music.

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