AEgisson Biotech launches coronavirus discussion platform

AEgisson Biotech launches coronavirus discussion platform

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AEgosson Biotech the newly founded bio technology company has announced that they have created a new online platform where people will be able to share information about the new coronavirus outbreak and information on how to be safe and help relieve symptoms of the coronavirus covid19 as well as providing factual information to the public and allowing survivors and those who are infected to collaborate and share in ideas over the platform.

The AEgisson biotech corporation (at and NGO has announced that they have created an online information community platform where people can share and exchange information about coronaviruses and Covid19 as well as other viruses and research material.

But the platform is also meant to be a community for anyone who is infected to share their stories or to people that have recovered from the virus and want to share their survival story and how it was for them.

The online platform has sub-sections for all languages that are commonly spoken and will help create a community with English as the main language of the forum but all nationalities can connect to their fellow landsmen on the sub-communities on the platform.

The website will also deliver fact-based information and allow people that are worried they might be infected to ask questions to researchers and doctors and other forum members that will give answers for free and help deliver fact-based information in these times where some myths have been circulating about the Covid19 and other viruses and rumor have started to spread that are not fact-based at all.

Aegisson biotech corporation hopes that this will lead to easier communication between people worldwide that have questions about the coronavirus and want to educate themselves better on how to stay safe from covid19 and other infectious diseases in these times where information online seems to be spread out a lot and no central reliable source of information has surfaced yet and that is what aims to do.

With all of the information centralized and categorized on the website, people all over the world will have easy access to the information they need to protect themselves from the virus and also can communicate easily with health officials and medical professionals and others who have had the coronavirus.

This will prove especially beneficial for those who are going into hysteria like state and have been fed heaps of misinformation on the internet rather than reading and taking precautions online on how to protect yourself from the covid19 and other diseases that can spread easily.

There will also be a research community there that under the AEgisson biotech corporation and NGO will enable scientists and the medical community to share their findings easily on the platform and collaborate easily on the internet and find each other for a global effort to solve the coronavirus crisis.

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