Aegis Custody Unveils Innovative Product Solutions for Global Digital Asset Market

August 15th, 2023 – Hong Kong – Aegis Trust & Custody, a regulated and insured digital asset custodian founded by cryptocurrency finance executive Serra Wei, is excited to announce the launch of three cutting-edge product solutions tailored to meet clients’ distinct needs in various markets. Committed to security, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Aegis Trust & Custody aims to revolutionize the asset custodianship landscape.

Under the leadership of Founder and CEO Serra Wei, Aegis Trust & Custody has already established a reputation for its insured digital asset custodial services. The company operates through two entities; Aegis Trust Company, with a South Dakota Charter in the United States, and Aegis Custody, a Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) based in Hong Kong. This global presence enables Aegis Trust & Custody to deliver institutional-grade solutions that cater to the evolving regulatory requirements and environments across multiple jurisdictions.

Tailored Solutions for Markets;

  1. Qualified Custodian, Cold Storage – Solution for the United States Market; Aegis Trust & Custody introduces a qualified custodian solution explicitly designed to meet the regulatory requirements of the United States market. Aegis builds in a dual-control system, trust accounting for asset segregation and enables client access to funds and continuous reporting on-chain. Clients can confidently protect their assets by utilizing Aegis ‘s infrastructure while adhering to the highest industry standards.

  2. Tailored Solution for Singapore and Taiwan Markets; Aegis recognizes the requirements of the Singapore and Taiwan markets. Presents a customized solution that seamlessly combines advanced technology with regulatory compliance. This innovative offering equips clients with a user interface to manage and access their assets leveraging Aegis Custody’s established reputation for reliability and security. The hybrid solution is both cold storage and api-controllable hot wallets.

  3. VATP Licensed On-Premise Hybrid (Hot & Cold) Solution for Hong Kong Market; To meet the Virtual Asset Trading Platform license requirements in Hong Kong, Aegis introduces an insured and regulated on-premise hybrid (hot & cold) solution.. This solution empowers clients to retain control over their assets while benefiting from the security and expertise Aegis Custody provides

Serra Wei’s Vision, for the Future:

Expressing her enthusiasm about the launch of these groundbreaking solutions, Serra Wei, Founder and CEO of Aegis Trust & Trust, highlights the potential these products hold for growth;

“At Aegis Trust & Custody, our commitment is to redefine the standards of asset custodianship. With these tailored solutions, we aim to empower clients across markets to navigate the regulatory landscape of digital assets with confidence. We aspire to lead the way in innovation and security. These product solutions signify a step towards achieving that goal. We are incredibly excited about the opportunities that await us and the positive impact we can have in shaping the future of asset management.”

Aegis Trust & Custody continuously demonstrates its commitment to excellence, security, and innovation, setting a benchmark for the industry of asset custodianship. As the company moves forward, they remain devoted to providing their clients with solutions that elevate the security of assets to new compliance levels.

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About Aegis Custody

Aegis Custody is a US-qualified custodian through its entity Aegis Trust.  Its cryptocurrency finance executive Serra Wei founded the company, Aegis Trust Company, in the United States and Aegis Custody in Hong Kong. The organization is dedicated to security, innovation, and client satisfaction which make it a trusted partner for managing assets in today’s evolving financial landscape.

Serra Wei is a finance executive, investor, and entrepreneur with a wealth of blockchain-based finance experience. Serra Wei is at the forefront of revolutionizing the asset custodianship landscape.

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