Ad-visory Propels Agencies to 8-9 Figures with Rich Feola’s Patented REAP™ Methodology, the brainchild of Rich Feola, a 9-figure marketing agency entrepreneur, is thrilled to announce that its patented REAP™ (Residual Exponential Agency Process) Methodology has received recognition from prominent figures in the marketing industry. This recognition firmly establishes it as a tool for agencies aiming to achieve exponential growth.

Renowned figures, in the marketing industry like Russell Brunson, Alex Hormozi and Joel Erway either have praised the effects of REAP™ or have personally gained great value from its innovative strategies as former students. The primary objective of this approach is to propel businesses towards reaching revenues in the eight or nine-figure range. As a result of his leadership in this field, Rich Feola has become known as the innovator behind REAP™.

Russell Brunson, the visionary founder of ClickFunnels, expressed profound admiration for REAP™, noting, “Rich is one of the few people that I have EVER met, that has built an agency to over 100M in revenue in just a few short years. He has mastered the done-for-you business model, all without being shackled by the stress and overwhelm which is the norm for the space. I have heard him speak on a number of topics in his training, and if you’re an agency or done for you business and need the blueprint for how to 10X your business by working less, Rich is your guy.”

Moreover, Alex Hormozi, the mastermind behind Gym Launch, praised Rich Feola’s teaching, stating, “Rich helped me implement tactics and strategies in Gym Launch that I had never considered before.“ He booked a call with Rich, intrigued by his success.

The REAP™ Methodology, created by Rich Feola, is specifically tailored for agency and done-for-you business owners who aspire to scale their operations to a monthly revenue of $1M per month. This methodology aims to significantly reduce their workload while presenting a paradigm shift in how businesses are structured and operated. It offers a blueprint for achieving growth without the usual stress and long hours of operation.

REAP™ has been designed to establish a self sustaining business model that prioritizes growth. It combines planning, streamlined operations and efficient resource management to create a scalable business. As a result, entrepreneurs can enjoy income and freedom from constant supervision and intervention.

In a business climate where most agencies and service-based businesses struggle to grow, Rich Feola has the proven recipe for scaling that has helped hundreds of agencies 10X their business in as little as 60-90 days. stands at the forefront of business evolution, empowering entrepreneurs to achieve unprecedented success through the revolutionary REAP™ Methodology.

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About is a coaching platform that helps service-based businesses optimize their profits, achieve growth and reduce operational hours by leveraging Rich Feola’s innovative REAP™ Methodology.

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