Advice for Airwheel Electric hoverboard Riders in Rainy Days

In summer, torrential rain frequently hits. The rainwater accumulates and streets become like seas. It is difficult for any vehicle to get moving on the streets. Riding electric scooter has been impossible. But in rainy days and wet weather, your scooter needs more care and maintenance.

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There is a frequently seen phenomenon in summer worldwide: the rainwater accumulates and streets become like seas. It is difficult for any vehicle to get moving on the streets. On the rare sunny day during the rainy season, Airwheel gives scooter enthusiasts some tips of maintenance to maintain its good shape and performance.
On rainy days, the road is slippery. It is suggested not to ride Airwheel electric mobility scooter outside. Here are some advice on how to store your hoverboard. Due to the wet weather, you’d better put the electric scooter in a dry and ventilated place. Be sure not to place it in wet and closed space. The main control panel and battery might get dampened and the device will break down.
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If you must go out after rain, you should keep it away from puddles and avoid water from getting into the inside scooter body, as the road is totally wet. Otherwise, water will cause damage to the engine. Meanwhile, riding the intelligent scooter on the wet road also might make the scooter dirty. Some users prefer to clean the scooter. But it is reminded that when cleaning, make sure the device is powered off. Do not wash the scooter directly. You can wipe the dirt off with a slightly moist towel but ensure the water will not get inside the scooter body. Remember to clean the device after powering it off, or it may endanger the scooter and the user’s safety.
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If there is damage to the Airwheel intelligent electric scooter due to misoperation, it is suggested to send it to a maintenance point for further machinery diagnosis. Don’t take the machine apart by yourself. Once the components are damaged, the service life of the electric scooter will be shortened.

Constant maintenance will keep your Airwheel keep excellent performance. Airwheel reminds users to give more care to your scooter. More care for the device, better riding experience.

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