Advantages of electric pallet truck compared with hand pallet truck?

Electric pallet truck, in a word, it is a pallet truck use electric as power energy which is the battery that we usually talk about. In order to better show the advantages of electric pallet trucks, we take manual pallet truck to make a relative comparison.

1. Performance.electric pallet truck has excellent performance, simple operation, anyone can easily operate, the motor power is strong, and the continuous work efficiency is high.hand pallet jack usually need more human power,cost more time and the work efficiency is lower.

2. Operation, electric pallet jack is powered by the motor throughout the driving, lifting, turning, and controlling a few keys with both hands, people can carry out the entire operation process, convenient and efficient operation, such as the EPS intelligent turning and slowing which can improve the stability of the body driving, waterproof design, and can be suitable for a variety of outdoor weather conditions.Hand pallet truck in lifting, driving, turning all rely on manpower, the operation is very tired.

3. Safty. the electric pallet jack is designed with the safety concept, giving full consideration to the operation safety of the operator, and the full load is relatively safe, and taking into account the safety, the electric pallet truck is usually set with a foot pedal, effectively protect the safety of the operator, and the emergency power switch is set on the operation panel, if there is an emergency, Just press the emergency power off button to disconnect all the power, the electric pallet truck immediately stop running.Compared with manual hydraulic pallet truck,it is heavy and easy to roll over and operation accidents occur during the handling process, which not only affects the efficiency, but also the incidence of accidents is relatively high.

These are some advantages of the electric pallet truck, while it also has its own shortcomings, this we can elaborate in the future article, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, when we buy logistics equipment, we need to purchase the right equipment according to their actual needs.

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