AdPlotter’s Easy-To-Use Smart800Ad System Generates High Quality Leads and Prospects

May 3, 2016 – AdPlotter, an impactful and innovative marketing and promotion company, proudly announces its Smart800Ad system that generates highly qualified leads and prospects through the power of recorded information and data capture technology.  Now companies of all sizes can easily generate more leads and sell more products or services by capturing real-time interest through automated voice ad campaigns.

The Smart800Ad system enables any business to promote its products or services in an automated, friendly and credible manner.  The system uses pre-recorded telephone messages of up to two minutes in length that are delivered to qualified, targeted lists 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  This highly automated service provides a greatly extended marketing reach with minimal effort and time investment.  The pre-recorded message delivers exactly the information desired in a consistent, professional and credible way.  Studies show that a publicly accessible recorded message is perceived as much more believable and credible than a live salesperson delivering a pitch.

The Smart800Ad system provides every client with a unique Smart800 telephone number with up to one hundred extensions.  Each extension can be used for a different voice ad campaign, allowing for a diversity of campaigns to achieve maximum results.  Each voice ad campaign can be up to two minutes in length and describe a product, service, special promotion, or any opportunity.  The Smart800Ad’s data capture technology screens, sorts and prioritizes prospects to deliver only the most qualified leads and highly interested prospects.  The system provides contact information for each prospect for immediate follow-up.

Using the Smart800Ad system is easy.  Simply record the voice ad campaigns, select target markets, schedule the campaign date, and the Smart800Ad system does the rest.  All information about the ad campaigns is available in each client’s back office and all leads are provided instantly for immediate follow-up.

Businesses of all types can greatly benefit from the Smart800Ad system.  Businesses that sell products or services, realtors, auto dealers, MLM representatives and more now have an easy way to get more highly qualified leads, expand their business, and save time and money doing it.

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