ADO Ebike’s Best Seller – ADO Air 20, brings a stronger Pro with Bafang in 2024

With ADO Air 20 Pro, riders can experience enhanced e-biking with smart features, improved range, and an advanced G-Drive BAR system.

ADO EBIKE announces the upcoming pre-sale of the ADO Air 20 Pro, set to start on March 11th, 2024. This launch aims to provide e-bike enthusiasts and everyday riders with a new option for their urban and adventure needs. Building on the success of the ADO Air 20, the Air 20 Pro incorporates feedback from customers to enhance every aspect of the riding experience.

The development of the ADO Air 20 Pro represents ADO’s ongoing efforts to improve and refine its e-bike offerings. Central to the Air 20 Pro is the ADO G-Drive BAR system, an advanced transmission system combining a Belt Automatic Transmission Drive, Torque Sensor, and Rear Motor. This system is designed to adjust automatically, providing a balanced and efficient ride across different terrains and inclines.

The Air 20 Pro, featuring a Bafang Internal Geared Motor with an automatic internal gear hub and a Samsung battery, achieves up to 100km on a single charge. Its design focuses on reliability and ease of use, featuring hydraulic brakes and front fork suspension to handle various riding conditions easily.


Highlights of the ADO Air 20 Pro include:

● ADO Air 20 Pro is equipped with a Bafang rear motor featuring a two-shift inner gear mechanism and automatic gear shifting, providing a peak torque of 40nm for optimal performance across diverse terrains.

● The integrated front and rear lights ensure enhanced visibility.

● Featuring turn signal functionality for clear communication on the road.

● ADO Air 20 Pro also offers reliable stopping power and comfort. It is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for responsive stopping and a suspension system for a smoother ride. The bike also features a 3.5-inch IPS color screen, designed for clear visibility in various conditions, and includes an adjustable front light for safety.

● Pre-installed aluminum fenders offer a blend of durability and design, striking the perfect balance for enhanced bike performance.

ADO’s commitment to quality and efficiency is validated by the ADO QTL SGS Lab Testing, ensuring that the Air 20 Pro meets high standards.

With the pre-sale beginning on March 11th, 2024, customers can review all the information now directly available at

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ADO EBIKE, based in Hong Kong, specializes in developing and selling electric bicycles. The company focuses on integrating user feedback to continually refine and enhance the performance and features of its e-bike models.

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