Adhering to The Concept of “Safety First”, NHU Welcomes The 20th Safe Work Month

The 20th work safety month has arrived, this year’s theme is “Implementing safety responsibility and promoting safety development”. In line with the concept of full participation, NHU launched the “Safety month” online knowledge contest .In order to strengthen employees’ awareness of production safety and improve their knowledge of production safety, and the ability to screen for hidden dangers, NHU mobilized the majority of employees to participate in HSE Knowledge Learning.

In 2019, NHU set up a company-wide unified organizational structure model (set up HSE department)„ÄĀintroduce Dutch “Royal Shell” HSE management system and invested ten million CNY to promote the shift of NHU from a safety guarantee type to a responsibility type enterprise and achieve safe, green and high quality development. After digestion, absorption, and innovation, HSE management culture with the characteristics of NHU has gradually formed.

In 2020, NHU has set up a good working mechanism in the process of project promotion, such as inspiring leadership, cultural guidance, weekly meeting mechanism, positive encouragement, mutual aid and win-win, etc. NHU created a security atmosphere of full commitment and full participation.

In the future, NHU will always adhere to the concept of “Safety first” and apply this concept into the production and operation, and strive to achieve safety management institutionalization, standardization, procedures, to ensure that safety management work in the new and into the track of HSE system in an orderly manner. NHU will continue to work to achieve the “Three-zero”goal. Forming a NHU HSE management system featuring “Compliance with laws, regulations, standards and management procedures”, “Intervention in unsafe or illegal acts” and “Respect for the surrounding people and environment” is NHU’s aspiration.

At the same time, NHU also held a “Work safety month” mobilization conference on May 27 to strengthen the work safety education and create a good work safety atmosphere.

Hu Baishan, NHU’s vice chairman and President, gave a speech on the campaign of “Safe production month”. He stressed that NHU held the “Security month activity” kick-off meeting to ensure that the security month activities are truly effective, and further strengthen the “Security first, compaction of security responsibility” and the NHU’s determination to adhere to the bottom line of security. Also,he pointed out that NHU should inculcate a safety culture through safety month activities, at the same time embedded it into the daily work. With activities to lead action, with action to enhance consciousness, truly internalized in the mind, externalized in the action. He demanded that NHU leaders at all levels should pay more attention to the safety, personally deploy and implement professional safety management and strengthen the management of hidden dangers, take the lead in learning safety culture, and enhance safety leadership; all employees should actively participate, create a culture where everyone wants to be safe, everyone will be safe and everyone can be safe to promote the establishment of HSE system.

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