ADHDOutLoud To Organize ADHD and Relationships Q&A With Dr. Alice

Innovative ADHD-oriented resource, ADHDOutLoud, announces plans to organize ADHD and Relationships Q&A With Dr. Alice, an online event to discuss the effect of ADHD on marriages.

ADHD and Relationships Q&A With Dr. Alice is another online event organized by ADHDOutLoud and the team, led by neurodiversity consultant, Dr. Alice Edwards. The event is open to the public and will be held on Tuesday, April 26, at 6 pm PST. The event will be hosted by Dr. Alice, an expert in family therapy for ADHD and ADHD marriage counseling, as she digs into her wealth of knowledge to help families deal with one of the major challenges that currently face the world.

Millions of relationships have met their undesired waterloo due to the difficulty in managing one another. The situation can be even more disturbing when a partner is suffering from conditions such as ADHD. Over the years, a plethora of guides and other similar resources have been developed to help persons in this situation. However, many of such initiatives are not particularly comprehensive enough to meet the needs of ADHD sufferers and their loved ones, which is where ADHDOutLoud is looking to be of help with ADHD and Relationships Q&A With Dr. Alice.

The session will look at how people living with ADHD can manage their relationships and how their partners can help in getting the best out of the situation. Dr. Alice, founder of Alerive Inc. and The CEO Within, LLC, is the perfect fit for the event, as she will be using her expertise as a psychologist and experience working with a diverse clientele to answer questions from the audience. It will also enable participants to learn more about the ADHDOutLoud project and how it is helping people with ADHD in relationships.

For further information about ADHD and Relationships Q&A With Dr. Alice and how to be a part of the session, visit The CEO Within.

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