Addiction Treatment Center In Vancouver In A Distraction-Free, Male Only Environment

Men do not like to admit weakness. Addiction ( is an illness and it should be treated as such. By offering an all-male environment it reduces the instinct to hide vulnerability and thus creates a better environment for healing.

Opening up in a group of people going through the same thing you are is an intimidating thing. It can feel like you do not belong because either you are so horrible that you do not deserve compassion. It can have the reverse effect of making you feel as though your problems are not big enough to be taken seriously. Not knowing if you have a problem or a habit can delay seeking treatment which can lead to the bottoming out that many addicts experience.

Inspire Change Wellness Addiction Treatment Centre for Men understands that and by only serving males can cater to the communication style that works best in that unique group. Some addictions stem from being prescribed a medication with a predisposition for addiction. Addiction happens in the mind before the body becomes dependent on it. That is why the cycle is so difficult to break.

When seeking treatment sooner is better than later. An alarming number of deaths each year are a result of an accidental overdose. By providing a safe and sympathetic environment targeting men Addiction Healing Centre for Men has a greater chance of providing help and preventing recidivism in patients. A compassionate staff will be there from start to finish giving patients gentle but effective treatment for their addiction.

Therapists have a Master’s degree as a minimum and specialize in counseling and mental disorders. There is no replacement for a highly trained staff. The amenities such as gourmet meals and fitness classes allow the body fuel to heal and sweat sessions to detox. Yoga can be very therapeutic for addiction because it focuses on relaxation.

When you go through withdrawal it is a painful and uncomfortable process. A facility that provides comfort and exercise will alleviate some of that stress as well as an on-call psychologist for when you need to talk. Because a lot of addiction does happen in the mind talk therapy can be more helpful in preventing a relapse. In the event of a relapse, graduates will be given treatment free of charge. Continuity of care is important in recovery.

About Inspire Change Health & Wellness Addiction Treatment Centre For Men

There are many treatment programs that offer medication to cleanse the system of a person’s drug of choice. This cheats the recovery process and Inspire Change Health recognizes a need for a more holistic approach. By treating the whole patient, the results are an individual in touch with their bodies and aware of how their addiction affects their lives and their families. When patients graduate they go on to lead healthy and productive lives. Treatment Centre for Men will always be there in case of a relapse.

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