Add Spring Color to the Dining Table with Special Color Cutlery

vegetable and a meal accompany us every season and daily, and it is also a thing that people who love life will take seriously. The pace of spring is near, how to make the table more pleasing to the eye, color is the most important.What kind of cutlery do you wear with a dark background? Want a colorful, vibrant table without clutter? Through the clever combination of colors can also make the appetite and mood are instantly good? When faced with these problems, the first way to solve them is to have a clear idea. The following is for your reference:

1, determine the main background color, in order to clarify the main tone of the restaurant, white, gray walls and color walls bring a completely different visual experience, the color

2, choose the auxiliary color, considering the color saturation and brightness, the color table has a strong impact, and the injection of gray table is more advanced;cation method is also different.

3, with color blocks/lines embellishment, so that the table has surprising details highlights

4, in addition to tableware, you can work on table decoration, such as tablecloths, plants, ornaments.

Determine the main background color and restaurant atmosphere

Arranging the color of the table, the first thing to consider is to determine the main background color, the need to spread out a large area of color, such as the wall, to a color is appropriate, or choose the same color system of color combination. This determines the style and visual effects of the entire restaurant, and is also an important premise for considering the color of tables and tableware.

The very textured cement ash meets the rustic, natural wood color, supplemented by glassware and the main body of white tableware, it looks very harmonious and pleasant.

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