Active Restore Proudly Announces Launch of The Digestive Center

Active Restore, a renowned gut health supplement on the market today spearheaded by Dr. Roberto Contreras, recently announced the launch of The Digestive Center – a comprehensive website created to optimize digestive health through knowledge and community. With cutting-edge digestive health products and health conscious recipes and videos created by dedicated nutritionists in the field, consumers can rest assured that their digestive health has never been in better hands.

30 April, 2018 – When it comes to health and wellness supplements on the market today, there is no shortage of choice. Companies vyying for business and consumer satisfaction often set out with lofty goals only to come up short. Active Restore, a highly-acclaimed gut health supplement spearheaded by Dr. Roberto Contreras, understands what it takes to craft a quality product that helps customers live their very best lives. However, what sets Active Restore apart from the competition is their dedication to providing consumers with the digestive knowledge and advice needed to make health conscious choices daily. Creating the Digestive Center ( was always at the forefront of progressive ideas for the company, allowing Active Restore to take a more wholistic approach to helping customers experience their best digestive and overall health to date. 

Nate, the Quality Assurance Director for the Digestive Center, discussed the recent launch and what it has meant for Active Restore customers. “Our customers are the best there are. Since launching The Digestive Center, we have received a great deal of positive feedback — everything from how much they love our products to recipe reviews and gut health questions. One woman emailed this week regarding our nutritionist’s bone broth recipe and how she swears by it.” 
Active Restore, with the launch of the Digestive Center, is on a mission to prove that better overall gut health comes from quality supplements and consumer education. This education comes in the form of the identification of problematic symptoms that may point to an imbalance of healthy gut flora, understanding possible causes of these symptoms, as well as delicious and easy recipes to try at home that promote digestive health. The recipes, brought to consumers by health-savvy nutritionists, can be found on the website in the form of YouTube cooking tutorials which makes for easy re-creation at home. 
“Helping our customers lead healthier lifestyles and feel their best when it comes to digestive health — and overall health really — has been our focus from the beginning. After creating Active Restore, we didn’t want to just stop there when we have so much more to offer. We hope that the Digestive Center will prove to be a valuable resource and sense of community for our consumers.”
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