Active Duty Service-member Pace Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds for His Album – Smoke & Mirrors.

Pace, an up and coming Hip-Hop Artist with the potential of becoming your Hip-Hop’s most vital voice, is ready to unleash his debut album. Now, locked and loaded to seize the music industry by the throat, he is passing the baton to the online hip-hop music lovers to assist him in raising funds for a Professionally Recorded, Mixed & Mastered album: 22 Perceptions – Part 1. A Kickstarter crowd funding campaign is now live with a $4,750 funding goal, backers only have the next 20 days to help Pace’s dream come true and seize chance to become part of history within the Hip Hop community.

Pace’s love for music started at an early age during his childhood, and since then he has been practicing, polishing and perfecting his skills, and after a decade of war-room strategy, he now ready to unleash 22 Perceptions, a call to arms; the soundtrack for a jilted generation, a Professionally Recorded, Mixed & Mastered album that will feature fresh anthems, Who Dat Der and Talk About, Pace drops a Molotov Cocktail flow infused with post-millennial rage.

Not the one to shy away from hard-hitting and controversial topics, Pace’s work heavily reflects his fighting spirit, journey is a cataclysmic story including violent environment and experienced some very traumatic situations.  The upcoming album will appeal to anyone who has going through or has been a part of a struggle of going against the odds, especially when they are stacked up against you.

The money raised through the Kickstarter crowd funding campaign will go towards first and foremost creating a Professionally Recorded, Mixed & Mastered album, the digital release of the first part of the two part project on various digital platforms etc. and last but not the least the marketing and promotion of the album. The tentative breakdown of the costs includes:

  • Cost left on Mixing and Mastering = $1800
  • Cost to shoot music videos $1500 x 2 = $3000
  • Cost of prizes for Kickstarter = $3,250

Although, the total costs will total up to $8000, Pace is looking to raise only a part of the funds required.

Backers will be receiving various rewards and perks that Pace and his team has meticulously designed. To back the project and learn more, please visit:

About Pace: 

Pace is an up and coming hip-hop artist, who believes that Hip-Hop is all about keeping it real and he is locked and loaded to bring that fire. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

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