Action Camera Gadget that Everybody Wants this Summer

Split Dome Port for GoPro Camera Will Let You Take Over-Under or Half-Half Photos on Your Summer Vacations

You have probably seen them by now, unique looking photos from the sea where half of the photo is above and the other half is below the water. It feels like you are peeking into another world under the water’s surface. To take this kind of interesting over under photos you need a special housing called a dome port. Without it putting the waterline over the middle of the photo is virtually impossible.

Dome photography can be expensive and quite hard for a beginner, so the inventive staff at SplitGadgets decided to make their own affordable dome housing that will help people shoot cool over-under water photos. The Split Dome Port is a housing for a GoPro cameras that makes taking split photos a breeze. GoPro with its wide-angle lens and a Split dome port are a perfect combination that turn over under photography into something everyone can do and afford.

 Using the Split Dome Port makes it easy to position the waterline over the middle of the photo and capture at the same time what is happening above and under the water. Split dome will fix all the problem that cameras have with underwater photography due to the properties of air, water and light. The specially designed curvature of a dome ports minimizes the effects of refraction, radial distortion and chromatic aberration.

In short – it makes your images sharper and cleaner, it increases the field of view and decreases underwater magnification. You will be able to make unique photos of surfers, swimmers, kayaks, fishermen, pool parties, snorkelers, diver, stand-up paddlers… anything that happens in the water during your summer. Or as the founder of Split Gadgets Klemen has put it: “It is time to take your summer photos to the next level!” To see some of the especially creative half half photos check their over under photo gallery.

The freshest news from SplitGadgets is the release of a new dome model that is compatible with the new GoPro Hero5 camera. Earlier dome version is compatible with GoPro Hero 3, Hero 3+ and Hero 4. The new Hero5 Split dome comes with a handheld floaty grip and a special camera housing similar to the Super Suit housing, so you are actually getting three gadgets in one – dome, floating grip, and dive housing for your camera. This is everything you need for over under photography and for many other water and land activities. The Hero5 dome is made of high quality acrylic material and durable ABS plastic. The lightweight floating handle is made from carbon. Instructions and tips for taking better photos are included.

For people that want to take their GoPro over under photos to the next, professional level Split Gadgets have also released an Ultimate Guide to Over Under Photography ebook. The guide contains 45 pages of tips, tricks, secrets, information and examples that will help your photos pop out and turn them from average to stunning.

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Ask questions via Email to or phone +38640860276. SplitGadgets is based in Slovenia, Europe.

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