Acrylic laser cutting machine users must check the following 6 notices

The acrylic laser cutting machine is our factory’s main production model, and acrylic laser cutting involves a large number of fabricators. This article covers most of the current acrylic cutting problems you need to pay attention to.
Acrylic is the technical name for organic glass (Polymethyl methacrylates), abbreviated as PMMA. With high transparency, low price, easy machining and other advantages, acrylic is widely used in the lighting & commercial industry, construction field, chemical industry and other fields, daily we are most common in advertising decoration, sand table models, display boxes, such as signs, billboards, light box panel and English letter panel. Acrylic laser cutting machine users must check the following 6 notices

1. Follow the user guide

It’s strictly forbidden to leave the acrylic laser cut machine unattended. Even though our machines are manufactured to CE standards, with safety guards, emergency stop buttons, and signal lights, you still need someone to watch the machines. Wearing the goggle while the operator is using the laser machine.
2. Recommend Fume Extractors

Although all our acrylic laser cutters are equipped with a standard exhaust fan for the cutting fumes, we recommend you purchase an extra fume extractor if you want to discharge the fumes indoors. The main component of acrylic is methyl methacrylate, cutting combustion will produce strong irritant gas, it is recommended that customers configure a laser deodorant purification machine, which is better for the environment.

3. Choose a suitable focus lens

Because of the characteristics of laser focus and the thickness of the acrylic, the unappropriated focal length may deliver bad cutting results on the surface of the acrylic and the bottom part.

Acrylic Thickness Recommend Focal Length
under 5 mm 50.8 mm
6-10 mm 63.5 mm
10-20 mm 75 mm / 76.2 mm
20-30 mm 127mm
4. Air Pressure

Lowering the airflow from the air blower is recommended. Setting an air blower with too high pressure may blow back the melting objects to the plexiglass, which may form an unsmooth cutting surface. Shutting down the air blower may lead to a fire accident. At the same time, removing part of the knife strip on the working table can also improve the cutting quality since the contact point between the working table and the acrylic panel may result in lighting reflection.

5. Acrylic Quality

Acrylic on the market is divided into extruded acrylic plates and cast acrylic plates. The main difference between cast and extruded acrylic is that cast acrylic is produced by mixing the acrylic liquid ingredients in molds whereas extruded acrylic is produced by an extrusion method. The transparency of the casted acrylic plate is more than 98%, while the extruded acrylic plate is only more than 92%. So in terms of laser cutting and engraving acrylic, choosing good quality cast acrylic plate is the best choice.

6. Linear Module Driven Laser Machine

When it comes to making acrylic decorative, retailer signs, and other acrylic furniture, it’s best to choose MimoWork large format acrylic Flatbed Laser Cutter 130L. This machine is equipped with a linear module drive, which can deliver a more stable and clean cutting result compared with a belt drive laser machine.
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