Achieving Success is Easy with the MACDOER Spectrum Personality Profiling

“The MACDOER Spectrum Personality Profiling.”
In the world of the study of personality profiling, discovery & management, there is a rising star – the MACDOER Spectrum Personality Profiling.


In the world of the study of personality profiling, discovery & management, there is a rising star – the MACDOER Spectrum Personality Profiling. Based on the colous of the spectrum, this assessment consists of about 30 plus multiple-choice questions with and utilities the 7 colours and corresponds them (not in order of the spectrum) to the following personalities’ assignment with the acronym ‘M.A.C.D.O.E.R’:

* Mediator – Purple spectrum

* Abider – Violet spectrum

* Challenger – Red spectrum

* Diverger – Yellow spectrum

* Opportunist – Green spectrum

* Engager – Orange spectrum

* Relaxer – Blue spectrum

The MACDOER Spectrum Personality Profiling helps us to answer several important questions in life:

– Who you are?

– What you want to be?

– Where do you want to arrive at? 

– How do you get along with others?


The profiling idea was given a fleeting thought of in 2008 after which the profiling tool came to fruition a year later after research and study by Team MACDOER in the form of paper assessment. Since then, MACDOER has been the vehicle of analysis in which various training programs & courses have used it to deliver the topics in training. The online version of the assessment tool has been discussed upon for a while, before making its launch & appearance in 2016. Ever since, the MACDOER Spectrum Personality Profiling Online Assessment Tool has been continuously tested and improved upon to ensure its operational ability and stability on a global scale.


The main aim of MACDOER Spectrum Personality Profiling is just one word: SUCCESS. By being able to know own personality and also of others’ through understanding the various Spectrum personalities, one will be able to ‘manage’ customers & colleagues, subordinates & superiors, and family & friends, etc. through applying the right strategies that correspond with the individual Spectrum personality.

Upon further study of the theory, three main domains have been singled out:

* Personal domain:

– Finding life purposes & goals

– Finding & getting along with life partner, family members and friends

– Enhancing Personal Effective Skills

* Professional domain:

– Career Guidance & Choice: Types of Work

– Entrepreneurship

– Self-Leadership

* Platform domain:

– Relationship management (with clients, colleagues, superiors and subordinates) with reference to working styles

– Sales (negotiation) & Customer Service Enhancement

– Business & Team Management and Coaching

Trainings and Resources

Such an analytical tool warrants also an extensive range of training programs. Award-winning International Master Trainer Joshua Luke of ‘Signature Leadership & Teambuilding Institute’ (a business extension of the main training academy ‘Signature Image Academy International’ Training Group – is in the process of producing a book in the ‘Amplify Your Success’ Book Series titled ‘THE SPECTRUM COLOUR OF PERSONALITY’ – Understanding Yourself and Others using the MACDOER Spectrum Profiling Tool.

As a renowned Celebrity Master Branding Consultant in Singapore Asia (as featured in Men’s Health Singapore magazine), he has recently won his next award, this time round – in the category of ‘Entrepreneurship’ for his training corporation. Using his other title of Award-winning Entrepreneur & Business Coach, and with the launching of the Personality book, Coach Joshua Luke has been conducting a lot more courses on personal effective and team management skills’ training.

With the book and several training-support resources such as the MACDOER Consultative cards and the MACDOER Game Floor Mat, numerous training programs based on the profiling assessment are in the final development stages. MACDOER has its presence recognised, supported and/or endorsed by several international association & alliance bodies, such as IBICA (USA), GIECA (Asia Pacific), SAAIP (SA), etc. At the moment, endorsement discussion is going on with the global executive committee of the upcoming ‘European, Asian & African alliance of Training, Speaking & Coaching bodies’ (EAATSC). Furthermore, come 2018 third quarter, people in various parts of the world can undergone the ‘Train-the-Trainer Certification Course as ‘Certified MACDOER Spectrum Consultant (Cert. MSC)’.

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