Ace Kids Opens Doors For Play-Based Learning

Montessori School Ace Kids provides a safe yet fun learning environment for toddlers. Ensuring a quality learning without putting a strain of children’s attention span, parents can be assured that school will be a fun place for their kid.

Ace Kids, a growing Montessori school in Petaling Jaya is poised to be an education institution that will bring out no less than but the best in every young learner. 

This promise by the company is backed by the administrator’s solid background in Montessori education, which takes into account the emotional, psychological, and social aspect of child education. The school provides children with a free and fun environment where they will be able to nurture not just their academic faculty, but their practical life learning, as well. Visit here to find out more.

“As they always say, children are like sponges, they absorb everything you teach them and everything they see. And as a Montessori learning institution, we make sure that we are able to nurture them positively,” a representative from Ace Kids Damansara Perdana said. 

It was further added that Ace Kids also maintains a small classroom population so teaching and guidance will be more hands on. However, school-wide exercises are also able to expose the children to a bigger community where they can learn to socialize with other kids. 

“Enrolling your child in a Montessori school also strongly prepares them how to socialize to a bigger world outside, which is also very diverse. Great socialization skills is really one of my aim for enrolling my child in Ace Kids,” a parent testimonial states. 

Ace Kids accepts learners from 3-9 years old and constantly updates their learning curriculum to adhere to the international standards. Some of their basic subjects include sciences, mathematics, language, sports, music, and arts and crafts. Apart from this the school also regularly conducts games as part of the learning process of the students. 

Located in a central and affluent community in Petaling Jaya, Ace Kids is easy to access in for families. For more inquiries about their curriculum and enrolment, they can be reach thru email at

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