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November 9, 2021 – Noida – Career leverage is one of the most important things in today’s time. People need to constantly improve their skills and improve to get growth in their career especially when it is corporate. The general tendency of people is to either go for a master or Ph.D. or do some kind of certification. One of the best choices is to do some globally recognized certification course that is in line with your budget. Also, the certification courses are of short duration and flexible allowing easy facilitation. 

One of the best certifications that are accepted in every industry is the Lean Six Sigma Certification. This certification helps you to optimize the operational process in a company and also reduces errors and costs.

Six Sigma Certification is a quality program that, when learned and successfully implemented, improves the customer’s experience, lowers business costs and increases revenue. Six Sigma is a management strategy, a set of tools and techniques that helps eliminate the eros and defects in a business process. It’s a data-driven analysis, that uses statistics to improve business processes and solve complex business problems

The Six Sigma Certification has Four levels, Yellow Belt Certification, Green Belt Certiifcation, Black Belt Certification, and Master Black Belt Certification. 

The higher the certification one attains, the more is the ability to solve complex organizational problems. Six Sigma certification is a process of individual’s knowledge validation using a classification system, generally referred to as “Belts” (Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt). This verification test individual commands over six sigma methodology and tools. The belt classification shows the position these certified individuals would occupy in an organizational structure and job roles.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Six Sigma Yellow Belt is a first level belt of six sigma certification family. It is a starting level course for people who are new to six sigma world and covers the basic understanding of the six sigma process and fundamentals. The yellow belt ensures that participants should have sound knowledge of six sigma methodology and they become aware of standard tools of six sigma. Yellow belt certification is nowadays obsolete, is not much in demand in the industry. The topics and curriculum of Yellow belt are now merged in the green belt.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The second level belt of six sigma certification family and is one of the most demanded and recognized level of six sigma. The six sigma green belt certification allows individuals to start working on six sigma projects as project members. Green Belt Certification holders are well versed with six sigma tools, their application, and utilization. They know how to work on six sigma projects and solve complex organizational problems. The Six Sigma Green Belt generally operates or work under the supervision of Six Sigma Black Belt.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

The third level belt of six sigma certification family and the most advanced level certification. Black Belt Certification holders are professionals who are expected to work as a six sigma project owner or leader and guide and mentor green belt holders under them. A Black Belt should demonstrate team leadership, change management, understand team dynamics and assign team member roles and responsibilities for completing the six sigma projects. Six Sigma Black Belt holders are proficient in six sigma DMAIC methodology, DEFINE | MEASURE | ANALYSE | IMPROVE  | CONTROL.

Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification

A rank assigned to an experienced and effective six sigma expert. Master Black Belt is generally responsible for a portfolio of improvement projects, leading enterprise-wide Six Sigma implementations, and training/mentoring others in Six Sigma. Master Black Belt holders are people at the executive level, aiming a vision to bring a culture of six sigma within the department or organization. MBB is responsible for understanding the requirements from stakeholders or management and accordingly deploy the Black Belt holders to suffice and complete the requirements.

Optimizing business processes is the need of every department. This is the reason why this certification holds value right from the Service industry to Manufacturing.

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Six Sigma certification helps to quantify the current situation, process, and assess the capability of the measurement system. One can perform data analytics and even stratify output variables into a source of variation. 

In this course, people learn how to best apply the supporting tools and high-yielding improvements in the business.

Some of the program topics that are covered during the certification are as follows:

– Process mapping

– Choosing metrics, establishing a measurement system, and collecting data

– Normal distribution, process capability analysis, and measurement systems analysis

– Six Sigma in transactional and service organizations

– Choosing and managing six sigma projects

– Fish Bone, project charter

– Relationships between variables, correlation, and regression analysis for two variables

– Basic Design of Experiments and Design for Six Sigma

– Analytical, graphical, and numerical tools, Minitab etc.

Since due to covid, everything has been shifted to an online platform, this certification can also be done over the virtual platform. Now the six sigma certification is offered by many organizations in India. 

One can access it from anywhere, anytime. So do the certification right away to achieve new heights of success in one’s career.

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