Accessing Linux files from Windows is easy with DiskInternals Linux Reader Pro

To meet customer demand, DiskInternals has released an extended Pro version of its popular free product Linux Reader. Users can now access more file systems on Windows than ever, including ZFS, XFS, Hikvision NAS and DVR, as well as mount disks or folders as virtual drives. DiskInternals Linux Reader remains free for users accessing files on Linux from Windows.

Key benefits of Linux Reader Pro include:

  • In addition to already supported file systems (Ext2/3/4, ReiserFS, Reiser4, HFS, HFS+, ReFS, UFS2, ROMFS), users also get access to ZFS, Hikvision NAS, DVR, and XFS, as well as encrypted BitLocker disks.

  • Users can bypass Linux security policies and get access to virtually any file on the Linux drive.

  • The complete image of the Linux disk can be backed up to avoid the loss of valuable files.

  • Users can get reliable access remotely via SSH to files on Linux, NetBSD, QNX, FreeBSD, Mac OS, etc.

  • Users can mount disks or folders as a virtual drive on Windows with a new drive letter. 

  • Users can export files from Linux to your FTP server.

DiskInternals Linux Reader Pro provides safe, nondestructive access to Linux files from Windows. The source files remain unchanged, as access is exclusively read-only. 

Linux Reader Pro can be used on Windows 7, 8 or 10. 

An important feature of DiskInternals Linux Reader Pro is the ability to create disk images of Linux-based drives. This function makes it convenient to create backups and protect against future risks. The new Linux Reader Pro is equipped with useful features, making access to Linux files from Windows more reliable and safe. Qualified technical support is also available for customers.

About DiskInternals:

Founded in 2003, DiskInternals Research is an award-winning software engineering company that is committed to the development of a wide variety of high-quality disk and data recovery products, including for virtual drives and RAID arrays. Data recovery software produced by DiskInternals Research delivers exceptional service to thousands of satisfied customers every month.

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