Academy Award Nominee Burt Young Brings Nuanced Performance to New Comedy CHARLIE BOY

“Academy Award Nominee Burt Young give a poignant, noble performance in the upcoming comedy Timothy Hines’ CHARLIE BOY.”
Academy Award Nominee Burt Young portrays Luca, a sage of Astoria, Queens New York who helps Charlie remember what is important in life in the new comedy film CHARLIE BOY.

Academy Award Nominee Burt Young, (ROCKY and CHINATOWN, has remained as a burly, talented character actor who has remained consistently busy playing “rough at the edge” type characters, often on the wrong side of the law. This year Burt Young will be featured in the upcoming comedy CHARLIE BOY in which he plays Luca, a Astoria neighborhood sage who helps Charlie remember what is most important in life.

BELOW: Burt Young and Syvester Stallone:

Burt Young was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for the film ROCKY and went on to co-star in the ROCKY franchise. Young can next be seen in the comedy movie CHARLIE BOY. 

BELOW: Director Timothy Hines, Burt Young (Luca), title star Greg Kritikos (Charlie Borakos) and Dominick Martini (Big Angie) on the set of CHARLIE BOY, a new comedy about how some bad guys can become good guys:

CHARLIE BOY follows the story of straight and sober recovering mobster Charlie Borakos (Greg Kritikos) who now works as a stand-up comedian and, after many years of recovery and giving back to his beloved community of Astoria, Queens New York, he is still burdened by the guilt of his son’s death and friend Shake’s (Dave Morrissey Jr.) maiming due to his drinking, drugging and negligence of the past. So when good friend Tommy G’s gambling problem surfaces to the extreme and Charlie’s prior mob boss Big Angie moves back into town, Charlie’s benevolent attitude and knack for doing all he can to help others, turns misfortune into laughter and saves the day.

“It’s easy to see why Burt Young’s career has spanned five decades and that he is still in demand. Since he first became an actor on shows like M.A.S.H., everything he does, Burt always delivers a stellar performance. We are thrilled to have him in CHARLIE BOY,” states executive producer Dominick Martini.

“I have to say Burt Young has been an movie icon for me my entire life,” adds CHARLIE BOY star and co-writer Greg Kritikos. “To have him play my mentor in the film was phenomenal.”

BELOW: Domenico Del Giacco (Mikey), Burt Young (Luca) and Dave Morrissey Jr. (Shakes) on the set of CHARLIE BOY:

BELOW: Burt Young cut his teeth as an actor on such shows as M.A.S.H., pictured here with (L) Wayne Rogers and (R) Alan Alda:


Some Bad Guys Become Good Guys

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