About Benco Vietnam Electronic Joint Stock Company – Benco.vn

BENCO was born on March 19, 2011. It has gradually become a leading brand in importing, distributing, and installing technology products such as Fingerprint Door Lock, Time Attendance Machine, Security Magnetic Gate, Metal Detector, Needle lightning receiver, surveillance camera, Intelligent electronic devices in a home, smart home. etc.

It takes the motto “Creativity for the perfect life.” The company has always affirmed its brand in front of domestic and foreign consumers, partners, and suppliers.

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1. Contact information

Address of BENCO in Hanoi: No. 106 Alley 24 Kim Dong, Giap Bat, Hoang Mai, Hanoi

Phone: 08888.56689 – 0936.142.689

Service time: From Monday to Saturday: From 8 am to 7 pm daily Email: benco@benco.vn

2. Business areas

• Import and distribute camera equipment

• Import distribution gate from security Anviz Malaysia

• Import and distribute German IBC door locks.

• Import and distribute Tripod swing gates, timekeepers, barriers Anviz

• Install timekeeper

• Installation and construction of cameras, network equipment

• Import and distribution of brilliant home electrical appliances: Lights, Smart Electric Tea Table.

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3. Vision, mission

Vision: Make BENCO the preferred supplier for solutions. Technology items. As the leading retail distribution center of 4.0 bright technology devices.

Mission: To be the focal point of the world’s leading brands to provide customers and partners with high-quality products. Great price and total solution.

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4. Business philosophy

• Quality of products, solutions, services, and prices are the vital core of our business.

• Reputation: Maintain the highest honesty and reputation in all work

• Passion: Believing in the company’s development orientation, always striving to become the best.

• Fairness: Ensuring fairness for all employees, customers, partners, and manufacturers. Based on the principle of trust, respect, and mutual trust.

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5. BENCO People

“People are the key to success” is the company’s conception from the early days of the establishment until now. Therefore, the Company Directors have always focused on investing and developing a team of highly qualified personnel, professional ethics, and enthusiasm for work.

Media Contact
Company Name: Benco Vietnam Electronic Joint Stock
Contact Person: Media Relations
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Phone: 090.776.1102 – 08.4568.1080
State: Hanoi
Country: Vietnam
Website: https://benco.vn/