AbFluor™ 488 Phalloidin labeled F-actins is released by Abbkine

Abbkine AbFluor™ 488 Phalloidin labeled F-actins, $240 for 500T, in stock.

Phalloidin belongs to a class of toxins called phallotoxins, which are isolated from the death cap mushroom (Amanita phalloides). It is a bicyclic peptide that binds to F-actin specifically. Therefore, the distribution of F-actin can be very conveniently studied by using a fluorescent dye-labeled phalloidin. Inside the phalloidin, there is an unusual thioether bridge between cysteine and tryptophan, which can form an inner ring structure. When the pH is raised, the thioether is cleaved and the phalloidin loses its affinity for actin.

Abbkine recently releases three new phalloidins, AbFluor™ 488-Phalloidin, AbFluor™ 555-Phalloidin, AbFluor™ 594-Phalloidin. Detailed information, please click Purification tool.

Phalloidin AbFluor™ 488 is lyophilized powder, protect this product from light, it is stable for at least 12 months if store at -20°C. Due to phalloidin is toxic, we suggest you handled with care.

AbFluor™ 488 Phalloidin selectively bound to F-actins, it is much higher photostability than the fluorescein-phalloidin conjugates. Phalloidin derivatives are convenient probes for labeling, identifying and quantitating F-actins in formaldehyde-fixed and permeabilized tissue sections, which can stain F-actins in cell cultures or cell-free experiments at nanomolar levels.

The Phalloidin of AbFluor™ 488 has below 2 features:

1. Optimized staining protocol for labeling, identifying and quantitating F-actin in formaldehyde-fixed and permeabilized tissue sections, cell cultures or cell-free experiments. 

2. Proprietary AbFluor™ 488-Phalloidin (Green Fluorescence) (Ex/Em = 490/515 nm)-high-affinity probe for F-actins and much higher photostability than the other fluorescein-phalloidin conjugates.

Related and detailed information, please visit at https://www.abbkine.com/product-category/biochemical/purification-tool/page/5/.

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