A Young U.S. Marine Is Striving To Motivate People Worldwide Through Meaningful Content And A Powerful Community

A Young U.S. Marine Is Striving To Motivate People Worldwide Through Meaningful Content And A Powerful Community
Born in Belleville, IL. Nathan Notorious aims to help people by creating a like-minded community to build each other up & overcome the effects of the pandemic.

Nathan Notorious is a young U.S. Marine, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker who is on a mission to motivate people from all across the globe with his meaningful content and by creating a supportive community.

His mission is to help, motivate and push people to improve their mental and physical health by creating a global community of like-minded people. He is famous on various social media platforms (@imnotoriousnate). 

At only 27 years old, Nathan is an active duty Marine for the U.S. Military, but that doesn’t stop him from creating unique online content, and the first phase to kickstart this amazing community is set to launch this May on his social media outlets, plus a brand new website currently under construction.

The way Nathan intends to support people is by teaching them tailored journaling skills. He considers those are vital to anyone looking to change his or her life. These techniques can help a person to properly develop goals, organize them, break them down into manageable bits, and tackle them toward success.

Another key contribution he plans on making is addressing mental health struggles, instead of concealing them, and ultimately helping every member to understand their life journey while charting a path to a better self. If these values are carried out within a like-minded community, people can constantly inspire and build each other up 24/7 every single day.

Nathan intensely refuses to be labeled as many do, a self-help guru. Talking to the media, Nathan was quoted saying “I don’t have one special trick that will change your life. Life is tough and no one likes to hear that. What I do online is to help people understand that, but never give up on themselves, and rely on others for support during hard times. I’m here to be of service to others, not to make money.”

Even after the hardest waves of the pandemic, people are still struggling in silence behind masks. Countless people have undergone a severe lack of communication and community for too long, and that caused a detrimental effect on them, at many levels. And Nathan is confident that his community will be the best place to start taking away the mental fog and fighting back that feeling of being lost.

For updates and to keep in touch with Nathan people can follow him @imnotoriousnate on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok

About Nathan Notorious

Nathan, is a 27 years old entrepreneur, social media influencer, and active duty Marine from Belleville, Illinois, US. Initially, his online presence included putting out uniquely edged content, but now he is on the quest to serve a higher purpose. To help people improve their lives by fostering a global like-minded community.

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