A Thrilling Read by a twenty-two year old comes your way

“‘Terror was her love’ by Bhavya Kataria is published by White Falcon Publishing”
‘Terror was her Love’ – A book that breaks stereotypes written by a twenty-two year old.
‘Terror was her love’ by Bhavya Kataria is one such book by a youngster that forces the society to reflect on the path the world today is treading. It is an account of a young boy who dreamt of becoming a director, but is forced to turn into a terrorist at the hands of terrorist outfits. His first experience of love, physical relation, its consequences, all as a school boy make him an outcast for his family and he is thrown to the vagaries of the criminal world. His life turns tumultuous and he witnesses the dark, shady terrorist world closely. Destiny again takes him back to where he belonged only to further drown in the worldly quagmire. 
The author takes you through the narrow lanes of Delhi to the deserts of Afghanistan. His account of the criminal world is apt enough for one to experience the ill happening in the world. The story doesn’t follow the normal cycle of bad men falling with the rise of the good. Instead, it gives an unexpected flow with a never-to-be thought of ending. Read it to witness it.
Bhavya Kataria was born and brought up in Delhi to a real estate developer father and a housewife mother on 22 December 1995. He is a poet by nature and now is a writer by choice. He chose to write a book at the tender age of 19, as he had a story worth sharing which he no longer wanted to hold up. 
This book ‘Terror was her love’ is an attempt by a bad engineering practitioner to be a good influential philosophical writer, who aspires to pursue his career as a media professional. He is an athlete, swimming and basketball enthusiast. Other than this, he likes to post his philosophical and motivational write ups for his fans and friends frequently on Instagram with the username of writr_guy.
The book is available for sale in India on online distribution channels. For an evaluation/review copy, kindly contact below. 

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