A Small Step to Pasture, A Big Stride into Specialized Nutrition

Dairy products are nutritious and contribute to improving health and physical well-being. This year, the 8th International Symposium on Dairy Cow Nutrition and Milk Quality focused on the theme of “Innovation Driving High-Quality Advancements in the Dairy Industry”. The symposium engaged in extensive discussions on various topics, including “Healthy Breeding of Dairy Cows” and “Milk Quality”. Emphasizing the importance of “healthy dairy farming” and enhancing “milk quality”, the event highlighted the significance of consistently improving these aspects in the dairy industry.

The farm serves as the primary hub for milk production, and the selection of animal feed plays a pivotal role in ensuring high-quality milk. Methionine, from the grain of feed to the production of superior milk, holds a significant role. As the first-limiting amino acid in ruminants like dairy cows, beef cows, and dairy sheep, methionine significantly influences protein nutrition supply and the lactation performance of dairy cows. Methionine deficiency impacts the utilization of other amino acids, leading to a decline in animal performance, reduced nitrogen utilization, increased farming expenses, and environmental pollution. Effective methionine supplementation is essential for maintaining the amino acid balance in dairy cow diets, enhancing milk yield and protein content, and reducing the required protein dosage.

Nevertheless, owing to the digestive nature of ruminants, direct application of crystalline methionine is susceptible to degradation by rumen microorganisms, resulting in an ineffective supplementation. Hence, utilizing methionine in a rumen-protected form becomes crucial to prevent or restrict degradation within the rumen, thereby maximizing its efficacy.

As an important provider of animal nutrition worldwide, NHU has consistently dedicated itself to researching, developing, and manufacturing exceptional animal nutrition products. Centering on the primary market requirements, NHU leverages its technological platform and advantages in the methionine industry chain to successfully develop a rumen protection technology suitable for producing ruminant nutritional supplements. This innovative approach enabled the development of NHU’s rumen protected methionine product – RuminextTM, thereby expanding the amino acid industry chain and offering scientific and technological backing for the dairy industry’s high-quality development. This marks NHU’s first rumen protected series offering and its first specialized nutrition product. This first step to the pasture is a significant stride into the specialized nutrition sector for NHU.

RuminextTM rumen protected methionine, considering the digestive traits of ruminants, scientifically and effectively offers sustained methionine supplementation for animals in a physically encapsulated form, enhancing amino acid equilibrium and optimizing animal nutrition. Several breeding trials have revealed that introducing RuminextTM rumen protected methionine to cows facing heat stress, periparturient phases, and those in early or peak lactation—conditions more prone to methionine deficiency—results in enhanced milk yield, improved milk quality, better reproductive performance, stress reduction, and overall improved cow health, thereby supporting farms in producing higher-quality raw milk.

Advantages of Ruminext TM 

High methionine content: 85% DL-methionine, the highest in its class

High rumen protection rate: 80% rumen protection rate (in situ nylon bag technique)

Excellent small intestinal release: 90% small intestinal release (3-step in vitro method)

Sustained release and continuous supplementation: RuminextTM‘s unique encapsulation technology guarantees a sustained release of methionine in the small intestine, mirroring natural digestion and providing a consistent supply of methionine, which is conducive to ruminal nitrogen balance and efficient amino acids utilization.

High application stability: When RuminextTM is mixed with concentrate feed and total mixed ration of dairy cows, the structure of the encapsulated layer remains intact, and the relative protection rate of methionine will not be significantly affected.

Stable quality: Strict quality control management system is the guarantee of the excellent quality of NHU’s nutrition products. Through the quality control over key points, NHU continuously ensures the stable quality of RuminextTM.

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