A seasoned Real Estate Investor and Best-Selling Author, Korianne Mar, Hits Amazon Bests-Seller List on her 2nd book “Property: Master the Wealth”

May 10, 2017 – “Property: Master of the Wealth” has hit the bestselling list on Amazon.  A book authored by Korianne Mar, a popular and bestselling author, makes this known in a new statement.

Property: Master of the Wealth is a book that teaches ways to build streams of passive income in real estate and allows investors to be financially independent in 7 years or less.  The book written with lots of research and experience has taught so many readers ways to create income so that many could quit their 9-5pm jobs.

According to Korianne Mar, “My book shows others a proven system and process on how to create streams of passive income from real estate investment that provides them to become financially independent and live their lives on their own term”.

As testified by an Amazon reader, ”Very thorough and insightful read throughout. Korianne provides lots of examples and information to get into the rental real estate investment business. Detailed analyses give good guidance for the budding and seasoned investor alike. Her openness and candor throughout is refreshing indeed!  There are lots of takeaways and tips, as she guides you through the process.  A must read for those getting into the business and great refresher for those already in the game.  Absolutely must have for the real estate investor.”

Book listing on Amazon.

Click here to order a copy of Property: Master the Wealth: http://korianne.com/resources/

About Korianne Mar and website: http://korianne.com/my-story/

Korianne Mar is a seasoned real estate investor, best-selling author, proud mom and philanthropist.

She worked in the corporate jobs after college and then her last company shut down due to no funding. Instead of pursuing another job in 2001, she took control of her financial future and followed her dreams.  She founded two companies in her late 20’s.  Though hard work, commitment, and persistence, Korianne was building both businesses from ground up at the same time.  She underwrote $150 million in residential mortgages while building her rental property portfolio from just one rental property and grew it to over 90 rentals.  

During the last 16 years of her real estate career, she has analyzed thousands of rental projects, but she acquired only quality rentals that generate consistent monthly cash flow and grew her net worth.  By 2008, her real estate investments provided her financial independence, so she withdrew from the mortgage business.  She commits to helping ordinary people like herself to create financial independence and wealth though smart buy and hold rental properties so they can live a life of their dream.

She enjoys traveling around the world with her sons when they’re off from school and contributes her time to some less fortunate families and orphanage charities.

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