A Ruff Choice: The Dog House Buying Guide

Choosing the right dog house for home means understanding what dog needs. Some pet parents jump into looking for the best dog house without considering important dog house buying tips and without considering what they need out of a dog house. This can leave them and their dog with a dog cabin that doesn’t fit their needs.

Aosom’ll teach people about the difference between a cabin and a crate as well as the best dog house materials. Continue reading to make furry friend as comfortable as possible.

Dog House TypesSelecting the best dog house for dog starts with understanding the various types of dog houses. The different types can be selected based on where they will be located, what kind of material they are made of, and other details.

There are many types of dog houses to choose from as well as many sub-types and hybrids. However, the main types of dog houses we will focus on are crates, cabins, and raised platforms.

Crate Dog HouseA crate dog house is made up of vertical bars, horizontal bars, or both. A crate dog house is an excellent training tool for puppies just learning good potty habits. The puppy will quickly learn not to relieve themselves in the crate, especially if people follow good crate training protocols.

Crates are also great for transporting dog in the car. Dogs that run around loose in the car can slip and fall or be injured in an accident. Confining them to a crate is ideal for safe travels (though make sure people select the right size, which aosom will discuss later on).

Cabin Dog HouseAmong the different types of dog houses, a dog cabin is what comes to mind when people think of a dog house. These are the most versatile as they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. They are also easily customizable with dog’s belongings.

A cabin is a great option whether people want it inside house or outside. It provides protection from harsh weather, a calm place to nap, and a space to avoid people or other pets. These types of dog houses can be enclosed like crates, but are most commonly open and are only used for the dog’s comfort.

Raised Platform Dog HouseA raised platform dog house is the least restrictive style of dog house on our list. They are strictly meant for comfort and don’t provide much shelter as with cabin dog houses. A raised platform dog house is most similar to a dog bed, but with a roof, which might be perfect for dog’s needs.

Dog House MaterialsOnce people determine the right style of dog house, next on our list of dog house buying tips is to consider the material used. The material affects the comfort, durability, and protection offered. The most common types to choose from include wood, plastic, and metal.

WoodThe most popular material for a dog house is wood, especially for a dog cabin. Wood makes a dog house versatile in that people can adjust the shape, color, and weather resistance with ease. People can add windows if they want to add more ventilation as well.

Wood is also a great insulator. So, if people live in a cooler climate or an area with cold winters, a wood dog house can help keep dog warm. Aosom recommends waterproofing it to increase longevity.

PlasticIf the idea of the best dog house is one that will last a long time, plastic is a terrific option. Its longevity is similar to that of wood, especially if people live in a mild climate. However, in extreme temperatures, plastic can either melt or crack.

Plastic also lacks the insulation capabilities offered by wood. So they’re not ideal if people are trying to provide dog with a warm home in the fall or winter.

MetalA metal dog house is most likely to outlast the other two types of materials on our list. They are good for dogs that like to chew or scratch, which makes them a great choice for crates.

A metal dog house offers little in the way of comfort or insulation. While people can increase both with an external covering, metal is best used for indoor crates, short-term confinement, or safety during car rides.

Dog House SizingOne of Aosom top tips for buying a dog house is to make sure people size it right. The best dog house is one that is comfortable for dog, so people will need to pay attention to measurements. To find a good fit, people will need to measure dog and compare those measurements to those of the dog house.

How to Measure DogDog’s height matters the most when it comes to measuring them for a dog house. If a dog house is tall enough, it is almost always going to be wide enough. In order to measure dog, make sure they are standing with all four feet flat on the floor.

Take the end of the tape measure and place it on the ground directly below dog’s chin. With dog’s head looking forward, measure to the highest point of their head. Repeat the process, but measure from one of dog’s paws to the top of their shoulder.

Dog House MeasurementsThe dimensions of a dog house are listed in the format length x width x height; people mainly need to worry about the height. Some manufacturers will have only the height listed in the product name, but the full dimensions should be available in the product description. People will also want to note the height of the door or entrance.

Now, compare the height of dog’s shoulder to the height of the cabin entrance. The door frame should be about 25% shorter than the height of dog’s shoulder. This helps to control temperature changes within the cabin.

Next, compare the height of the cabin itself to dog’s head height (make sure the measurement doesn’t include any feet or platforms). The cabin should sit about 25% higher than dog’s head. This ensures dog has enough room to stand up comfortably and not be hunched over.

Dog House Buying TipsSome of aosom other tips for buying a dog house include details that make it the best dog house for dog. Aosom top recommendations involve making sure the house is comfortable, temperature-controlled, and well-ventilated. To achieve this we recommend adding bedding, ensuring protection from the elements, confirming ventilation, and managing temperature.

BeddingThe best dog house is a comfortable dog house, which is why aosom suggests finding the right bedding to add to dog’s new space. For cooler nights and seasons, try finding a soft, padded mat or cushion to retain heat. This is also ideal for dogs with joint problems or mobility difficulties.

For warmer climates, aosom recommends elevated cots. These allow better airflow to keep dog cool while keeping them comfortable. People can choose the right one for dog based on their size.

If people are investing in an outdoor dog house, protection is essential. This can be as simple as placing it under an outdoor canopy tent or under a deck. It can also mean making sure the dog house itself has a strong and durable roof. The goal is to make sure dog is safe and well-protected while inside of their dog house.


If people are investing in an outdoor dog house, protection is essential. This can be as simple as placing it under an outdoor canopy tent or under a deck. It can also mean making sure the dog house itself has a strong and durable roof. The goal is to make sure dog is safe and well-protected while inside of their dog house.

Ventilation While ventilation is less of a concern for crates with open slots and open front dog cabins, it’s important for enclosed spaces. If people select a dog cabin and crate hybrid, people want to make sure it provides adequate airflow. If not, aosom recommends looking for one with windows or an open front instead.

Temperature Management Especially in climates with severe weather, temperature management is essential in a dog cabin. If people plan to leave dog outside in high or low temperatures, consider options that include heating or air conditioning to keep dog comfortable.

Make sure to bring dog indoors during extreme weather. This will help them avoid serious medical problems such as heat stroke and hypothermia.

Find the Right Dog House for Furry FriendUse the above tips to find the right dog house for dog. Take the time to think about what people want to achieve with the dog house. This information will help people decide between the different types of dog houses such as cabin or crate, various materials, and more.

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