A Product that will keep Toddlers safe in the house now Available in the Market

December 19th, 2017 – HealthFuelz has launched a product that is meant to keep toddlers and pets safe while in the house. The product, HealthFuelz Child Safety Locks is now available in the Amazon market.

The HealthFuelz Child Safety Locks come with a reusable adjustable sliding straps allowing the user to securely child proof the cabinet doors, cupboard, stove, pantry, toilet, drawer, appliances, trash cans among other items. With this child safety locks, there is no need for drilling or damaging the drawers, it comes with a 3M adhesive latches which makes the installation process quick and easy.

With adults, it will be easy to access the cupboards, drawers and other items, the flat sleek latch design, makes this possible but for the children they are kept out. According to Angie Perkins, the HealthFuelz representatives, even the most curious toddler will be kept safe with the HealthFuelz Child Safety Locks.

Perkins says that the HealthFuelz Child Safety Locks are perfect tools which should be in any place where there are pets and children. She adds that HealthFuelz Child Safety Locks gives parents peace of mind, knowing that their toddlers and pets will be safe when they are busy in the house and office. Perkins appreciates that parents at times get busy especially when they are performing household chores or in the office and have no one to take care of the pets and toddlers as they carry on with their duties. However, she adds that HealthFuelz Child Safety Locks will help them ensure the safety of their children and pets even when they are fully engaged or submerged into tasks.

Perkins promises the users of this child proof of a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, she says that the product is made using high quality materials and at the same time meets the highest quality standard. “With our guarantee, we promise that you will not be disappointed, your child will be safe, whether in the office or in the house. You will keep the child away from items that can harm them,” said Perkins adding that if a customer is not satisfied with the product the manufacturer is giving a thirty day money back guarantee with no question asked. She asked parents and pet owners to take advantage of the product availability at Amazon market to ensure that their safety is guaranteed.

For more information and to make a purchase, visit: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=me%3DA2RPB8QSG9YVFS&field-keywords=child+safety+cabinet+locks

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