A New Saudi Achievement with the International Maritime Organization

Saudi Arabia has made a noteworthy advancement, demonstrating its increasing global significance, as the Transport General Authority declared its membership in the International Maritime Organization’s council for 2024-2025. This accomplishment, which has been repeated for a second time, acknowledges the nation’s constant efforts and initiatives in international marine transportation.

Global Influence and Marine Safety

The accomplishment underscores the importance of Saudi Arabia’s efforts in improving and advancing the worldwide maritime industry. The nation has a critical role in establishing safety and sustainability guidelines for the maritime sector, as evidenced by its endeavors to safeguard the marine ecosystem and foster international maritime security.

Saudi Arabia’s Strategy and Vision 2030

The achievement is part of Saudi Vision 2030 and its ambitious goals that aim to establish the country as a leading global logistics hub. Securing IMO membership is a crucial step towards realizing this vision, providing the Kingdom with a valuable opportunity to actively contribute to the creation of international maritime policies and legislation.

Saudi Arabia’s Role in Developing Regulations and Laws

By occupying this prominent position, Saudi Arabia endeavors to boost its contribution to developing international regulations and laws associated with global trade and marine transport. The membership underscores the effective role played by Saudi Arabia in shaping the future of the global maritime sector and reinforcing its position as a leading nation in the industry.

Saudi Arabia’s Commitment to Sustainability

Saudi Arabia’s membership in IMO is a testament to its commitment to improving sustainability in the maritime sector. It is the culmination of HRH the Crown Prince’s environmental initiatives aimed at protecting and preserving the marine environment, demonstrating Saudi Arabia’s dedication to the environment and sustainable development.

The Support of the Leaders 

The continuous support provided by Saudi leadership has led to these remarkable achievements. The wise policies and substantial investments in the maritime transport sector have helped establish Saudi Arabia’s pivotal role in this field. This further highlights the significance Saudi Arabia places on striving for excellence in the global maritime sector.

The Importance of this Membership to Saudi Arabia

As an IMO council member, Saudi Arabia has a unique opportunity to directly contribute to the formulation of policies and resolutions that impact global maritime transport. This enables Saudi Arabia to share its experiences and make effective contributions to the global development of the maritime sector.

Future Steps

With its continued membership in the IMO, Saudi Arabia looks forward to taking advantage of this opportunity to support and encourage the efforts of the IMO by actively participating in discussions and resolutions aimed at improving marine security and sustainability, as well as developing international maritime trade. By doing so, Saudi Arabia has taken a further step towards achieving Vision 2030, consolidating its position as a global logistics hub and a leader in international maritime transport.

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