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Company Vakil is an online platform that blends Technology with Legal, the founders of the portal felt that this is the need of an hour, so that Legal becomes accessible and affordable for the People in general. They Launched a Free and very simple Company Name Search and Trademark Name Search Tool, this makes it easy for people to choose the available Company Names and Startup their Companies Accordingly.

Company Vakil is an online platform that can be used by entrepreneurs and startups to Search their Brand Names, Trademarks, Company Names and even incorporate their companies online. They provide all legal services pertaining to companies. The services are provided by experts whose work is completely error free. The company also offers a money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction of the customers.

The Indian youth possesses a drive towards success. Housing the largest youth population of the world, the scope for innovation and development is endless. In the recent years, the Indian market has seen a new trend taking over. Youths now choose to start their own business and try their hand at making a life for themselves without having to depend on anyone. Innovation is the new trend, and everybody has ideas, thoughts and designs. Recognizing the rise of the start-ups, the Indian government has provided for several schemes and programs that promote indigenous goods and services. With the advent of schemes like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Start-up India’ it is only natural that the business sector witnesses a boom.

One important aspect of this is that with the increase in number of companies and start-ups coming up, the need for trained professionals to register the company with the government has also risen. The government has a strict protocol to Startup a Company with a number of formalities. These formalities include filing forms, submitting proofs and document, and only upon completing these perfectly and after waiting for the prescribed time, a company is registered. This process can be very time consuming and also extremely confusing. While this is difficult, it is also very important since company formation comes with a huge number of benefits such as protection of the company’s data and the individuals working for it. On top of that, Incorporation also gives the company several rights and benefits. If you wish to know more about other challenges faced while Commencing a Private Limited Company like doing an Extensive Company Name Search, a detailed Trademark Public Search for checking the Company Name Availability, in that case, you can always reach out to Company Vakil for some expert supervision and advise just Click here

The process to startup a company is different for different types of companies. The first step would be for the owner of the company to determine what type of company it is; a private limited company, a one person company, a limited liability partnership, etc. Once that it is done, the next step is to do a Detailed Company Name Search and Trademark Search and then collect all the necessary documentation, proofs and details that are required for the procedure and to fill out the necessary forms. Once this is done and the prescribed fees is paid, the company formation process is a few days away from completing, since barring any complication, the company will be commenced by the Registrar of Companies.

In 2017, Company Vakil launched its services, Guided by Mr. Parth Bawa as the co-founder and CEO. Company Vakil is the only platform for Company Name Search and Formation which is completely online i.e. 100%. The founders felt that technology has become an integral part of everybody’s life. At such a point, it was important to bring in and increase the use of technology in fields like to Startup a company and IPR. They believed that the internet has increased accessibility for everybody, so integrating the two would surely help turn Online Trademark Search and Company Name Search for Commencing a new Company or a Startup into an error-free and good quality service. At the same time, they intended to make Company Vakil as affordable and customer friendly as was possible, as has been their aim.

Starting up a Company can be difficult for new entrepreneurs, and that is why Company Vakil provides them with all the services they need, right from Company Name Search & Trademark Public Search to check the availability of their chosen name, to uploading the documents and making the payment. On top of this, the services of Company Vakil are such that beyond these steps, they can take care of everything else as well. All company formation services provided by Company Vakil are at the lowest prices making them affordable for everybody.

Most other companies in the field work with regular customer care representatives who offer assistance by answering the queries of the customers. On the other hand, Company Vakil works with lawyers, CS and CA professionals, who are well aware of all the concerned provisions. The customer support at Company Vakil is trained in specific areas to assist customers in registering their company. Company Vakil is also extremely particular about keeping their clients well informed about the progress of the company incorporation process. Their functioning is transparent so to ensure the client’s trust. The advice provided to the client is given with their best interest as the prime focus. Ensuring that clients’ requests are complied with is Company Vakil’s biggest priority. For this, Company Vakil also provides a Moneyback Guarantee, so in case of any dissatisfaction, the client’s money will be returned without any questions.

While a Free Company Name Search and Trademark Public Search is one of the most important services offered by Company Vakil, they are not restricted to just this. Other services include GST Registration, MSME registration, IPR and Trademark Registration, Contracts and Agreements like Founder’s Agreement, Employment Contract, Terms of Services, etc. and Import Export Code.

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