A Book That Shows That There Can Still Be Afterlife Communication

Wisconsin – 4th August, 2017 Ashley Marsillas, a motivational speaker and an author is thrilled and pleased to announce the official release of her first book titled “Love, Life and the Spirit Within”. The book which was beautifully crafted and designed is to help in the healing process for individuals who have lost their loved ones.

The book has since been available for purchase online through https://lovelifeandthespiritwithin.com/

“Love, Life and the Spirit Within” is a motivational book that demonstrates how there can still be communication with lost loved ones. The book describes the various techniques that can be used to reach out to loved ones that are believed to be in another world. The journey into this book started after her mother died of colon cancer. Ashley starts to receive messages and signs from the spirit world during her grieving period. She contacted a medium, who confirmed to her that she was receiving messages from her mother. This strengthens her believe that communication can still exist afterlife. Ashley studies many types of metaphysical systems and anything that has to do with connecting to the spirit world.

Ashley Marsillas in her book describes meditation as one of the best ways to deal with grief. Induced mode of consciousness which brings about the quieting the mind helps the soul to easily connect to the spirit world thereby bringing a relief to a grieved mind.  She also explains how some beautiful crystals can be used to heal a grieving mind. Selenite is used for positivity and happiness. Amethyst is great for healing grief and healing in general. Black tourmaline is good for grounding and keeping negativity away. These are just a few of the many crystals that are great for energy work and also help promote healing on many levels.

“My Mom is the Inspiration for the book and this spiritual journey”, said the book author. She was able to overcome the grief of the death of her mother through her belief in the possibility of afterlife communication. From her experiences with her own grief, she is of the opinion that anything is possible. The spirit within is what truly describes an individual.

For more information about the book, visit https://lovelifeandthespiritwithin.com/


Ashley Marsillas was born and raised in Chicago. She graduated from high school in 1981 and then spent few years at the college. She was enrolled into Martial Arts school in when she was young to learn meditation techniques and how to breathe. This was done to help her cure her asthma and allergies which she was suffering from then.

She is happily married and currently resides in Wisconsin with her husband and two loving dogs. Ashley is a motivational speaker and a teacher that helps people to learn how to meditate and communicate to their lost loved ones.

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