A New Approach To Plumbing Services: Protection Plan, Straight Level Pricing And Onsite Adviser Visit

Proper plumbing is central to the health and safety of any household. Everyone expects clean water when turning on the faucet, hot water when jumping into the shower, proper air conditioning when it’s scorching outside and similarly, heater warming up the house during harsh winter days. Because these aspects have turned into commodities and everyday givens, many overlook their importance until there is a problem. And just as many find themselves unprepared to deal with unexpected malfunctions which can not only result in frustration and discomfort, but high reparation costs as well.

One local business in Regina wants to change this. To do so, they have put together a proactive approach to plumbing which not only comes with free 24/7 service, but also ensures issues are evaluated and resolved in the most cost-effective manner, without compromising quality.

Risk management and smart planning

Smile Heating and Cooling is Regina’s experts in plumbing services. Having been on the market for several years and dealt with various cases, they have identified a critical gap and built their offering around it.

  • The Smile Protection Plan is set out to protect against unexpected circumstances and help offer peace of mind that, regardless of what the issue is, it will be resolved in a timely and professional manner. The plan comes with equipment maintenance and around the clock emergency services at no extra cost.
  • Straight Level Pricing is a concept that underpins all Smile Heating and Cooling services. Similar to ordering an Uber and agreeing to a fixed cost per ride, the pricing system works by setting an exact cost upfront, but unlike Uber rides, not subjecting it to any changes.
  • Onsite Adviser visit is yet another plus. As the name suggests, an experienced technical adviser is sent out to clients to ensure all needs and concerns are met.

The drive behind the approach

‘Indoor plumbing is taken for granted many times. But it isn’t uncommon for problems to arise: furnaces break down, pipes break, water can get contaminated because of various reasons and so on. Our experience has taught us that many people are not prepared when such issues arise. They do not have the necessary information to understand the scale of the issue, they get frustrated and even panicked about their daily lives being disrupted and in an effort to fix the problem as soon as possible, they end up paying unnecessary amounts of money and end up with less than expected fix-ups and services.

About Smile Heating and Cooling

An underlying commitment to excellence is what drives the Smile Heating and Cooling business forward. As dedicated providers of plumbing services across the area of Regina, the team of specialists have over 30 years of experience of resolving even the most complex issues for a variety of brands.

Media Contact
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Phone: (306) 531-9151
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