A narrative that will show wonders beyond reader’s imagination

A narrative that will show wonders beyond reader's imagination

GLENDALE, Ariz. – “Simeon’s Story of Good and Evil” is a great book regardless of whatever enlisted religion you are in. It will wake you up to a whole new world of impactful, gut-wrenching, heart-pounding storytelling that you may have been unaware of or subconsciously predisposed to graze past.

The book is an in-depth look into good and evil and is about the most significant event in world history, an event so important that it changed the way we tell time. The anonymous narrative is historically accurate, but the anecdotes are imaginary.

The book is a collection of honest, often hilarious stories taken from the author’s own life of faith. “Simeon’s Story of Good and Evil” takes place in the one-year period starting just before the conception of the Virgin Mary and ending just after holy family’s escape to Egypt and return to Nazareth after the death of King Herod the Great.  The book also contains controversial and bizarre pages, vividly describing Joseph spending the night with Martha before his marriage to Mary. Controversial as it may seem, it is definitely worth the read, whether you wind up agreeing with the author or not.  This premise is what makes his or her work most controversial, and also what makes it thought-provoking and insightful.

The book’s unorthodox discussions of familiar topics help pull its readers out of familiar clichés and invite them with a fresh sense of wonder. His or her book reminds us that life must have both good and evil, love and hate, revenge and redemption, and the end of each chapter compels the reader to start another.

The author’s creative approach to storytelling and theological musing makes this book both entertaining and challenging to read. Written in poetic lines, the narrative will show wonders beyond your imaginings while keeping you on your toes as you discover the true essence of good and evil.

“Simeon’s Story of Good and Evil”
By Anonymous
Kindle | $3.99 | 978-1-68486-015-9
Paperback | $10.00 | 978-1-68486-014-2
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About the Author

The author of Good an Evil is a storyteller who seeks neither fame nor controversy. He does not need reader reinforcement in any way, his interest in this story ended with the last word of the last sentence of the epilogue, and his current interest is focused on creating his next story, an effort that needs seclusion and God willing another year of life. For this reason, he wishes to remain anonymous.

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