A More Varied and Diverse Collection of Quadrant Steam Showers Now Available At JT Spas

The popularity of JT Spas as a bathroom product supplier has long been proven, and it has made numerous customers happy with its selection of products that include everything from bathroom furniture to accessories to bigger items such as shower enclosures, baths, and steam showers. Today, JT Spas further expands its collection of quadrant steam showers, which go well with smaller and more compact bathroom spaces.

JT Spas‘ selection of bathroom products is one of the broadest around, and many UK customers – and even customers from other countries – have turned to the company to acquire whatever they need for their bathrooms. Big and small products abound at JT Spas – from toilets and radiators to taps, basins, shower enclosures, bathroom suites, bathroom furniture, and baths and steam showers. What’s more, these products come with the most competitive prices as JT Spas has excellent relationships with a good number of manufacturers so it can pass on tremendous discounts to its customers.

But amongst the products featured at JT Spas, its range of steam showers is one of the most famous. Steam showers, as more customers know, are loaded with benefits for health and well-being, and they are great for promoting relaxation and rejuvenation with their steam and water jet features. Spending even a few minutes each day in a steam shower can make a world of difference to someone’s mood and well-being, resulting in more energy and a feeling of wellness. Steam itself has a lot of benefits, as it can open up the pores and produce suppler and softer skin, and it is also great for the respiratory system.

And now, JT Spas is proud to announce that it offers more diversity when it comes to its steam shower range, especially with the addition of more quadrant-shaped steam showers. Quadrant-shaped steam showers are highly suitable for smaller bathroom spaces, and they have proven a worthy buy time and again. JT Spas now offers more quadrant steam showers that include the ever-popular Helena steam shower from Lisna Waters, which comes at a budget-friendly price of only £1145. Other quadrant steam showers available now include the Turin steam shower, the Black Sparkle steam shower, and more.

To see the vast collection of steam showers only offered at the JT Spas site, go to http://www.jtspas.co.uk.

About JT Spas

JT Spas is a leader in bathroom supplies and bathroom products, and its collection is as diverse and plentiful as they come. But more than this, JT Spas offers the highest quality in all the products it offers, and it offers great and competitive pricing as well for anything from taps and basins to bathroom mirrors, baths and tubs, shower cabins, and steam showers. For more info on its affordable and superior quality steam showers, visit the site.  

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