A modern-day family problem brings hardships in the life of children but is enjoyed by the adults on a different level.

A modern-day family problem brings hardships in the life of children but is enjoyed by the adults on a different level.

Finding My Family is a book everyone can go through. It is a story that reflects her own experience of searching for her father and grandfather. Belle has written this story in a simple form so that young minds can easily interpret and understand the genuine problems that arise in a modern-day family, which in reality is not so modern. Belle, the author, concentrates on family life and divorce to draw attention to the hardships that children experience. However, adults in such situations act differently and enjoy it.

The author of this book is known as a born storyteller. Belle’s stories have always attempted to weave the threads that mirror her personal experiences. With much of her interest in British dramas, histories, arts specials, symphonies, and documentaries, she has traveled all over the globe and has gained much inspiration. She self-published her book “Finding My Family” while conducting a writing group at the Tsawwassen Library.

Because of her passion for writing, the author claims that she can compose a story every day after getting inspired by what she sees on Knowledge. The book “Finding My Family” may be considered a book for everyone. But then, it is for the people who are abandoned, the lost, the child who has been kidnapped, or for whomsoever who feels that they may never get the chance to connect with their birth family. 

With an utterly honest and poignant storyline, Finding My Family is based on a basic real-life that shares what faith had led the author into. This story thus begins with a quotation and then describes how beautiful it looked when children started enjoying rains in Saskatchewan. While showing the significance of rain in Saskatchewan, Belle tries to grab people’s focus to how tiny little droplets of rain can bring happiness to these little hearts and then disappear. 

The author highlights a modern family that faces problems like permissiveness, employment, lack of support, and many more through this story. It reflects the true miracle in the story where so many people crying out at night from childhood to adulthood have shattered their hearts. The story presents how the children in the United States had been abandoned by this author’s mother, who had then re-established herself with a new name.

While discussing her story, the author states the importance of sharing little moments to teach the significance of personal life. Be it family history or minutiae of her everyday life. She has shared her stories with grief over tragedies. With her discovery of her family’s history, the author attempted to transform people’s lives into huge families. She even has tried to give the first glimpse of a grandmother in a beautiful style through simple words. Thus, through her story of modern family, Belle tries to bring focus on how problems can break the family and how children are the ones who suffer the most.

Soon, Belle Curd will publish the sequel to “Finding My Family” called “DOROTHY’S STORY, Never Give Up” and a book about the Covid-19 titled “COVID 19 ECHOES”.

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