A Mobile that Pays: Mulaah (M!) Converts Mobile Phones into Passive Income for Reloads and Online Transactions

June 15, 2018 – Mobile advertising today is driven by the countless hours spent by consumers all over the world on their mobile devices. This makes it one of the most effective means to reach the audience. A new app, Mulaah, is creating a win-win business model where advertisers can get closer to their perfect audience, while mobile phone users also earn revenue and pay their phone bills through ads displayed on their devices.

Mulaah is the ‘mobile that pays’. Mulaah converts the ordinary mobile phone into a regular source of income with no work involved.  Working as a mobile home screen and digital wallet that refills itself, Mulaah (M!) lets mobile phone users earn some real Mulaah (M!) every time an ad is seen on their home screen. The earned Mulaah (M!) is automatically transferred into the built-in digital wallet, ready for reloading any pre-paid phone around the world.

Mobile reloads are now free, thanks to Mulaah (M!), the downloadable mobile home screen and digital wallet. Those interested in setting up passive revenue streams will love its convenience, as well as the cool, new look of their mobile home screen with better functionality.  

Mulaah adds style to your phone and pays you to use it! In the future we will be finding better ways to give people around the world who need technology but have limited funds better mobile solutions and business models to help them in their everyday life. We are hoping to find the help our community needs without causing the governments and other systems to take the hit,” says a spokesperson for Mulaah.

Using Mulaah is as simple as downloading and registering for an account with Mulaah then using the phone as usual. The app comes with its own Mulaah Store (store.mulaah.com or in-app), where users can also buy and add more Mulaah to their wallet. The digital Mulaah wallet can then be used for pre-paid reloads.

Mulaah has been built on its very own Mulaah blockchain, letting users audit the app and track their personal information with control over portions of blocks. Other attractive features include earning more Mulaah (M!) through surveys and special offers as well as an ability to pay for PayPal cash, gift cards, games, movies and more with Mulaah (M!). The Mulaah app changes only the way the home screen looks, and all other apps and features of the phone work as usual.

The Mulaah team comprises Clifford “T.I.” Harris (celebrity entertainer and integral part of the team), Vernell Woods (one of the first black Presidential Scholars in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech), Scott Dunbar (ex-chief architect of Nokia and CTO of Synchrologic), Eric Usher, Dennis Campbell, and Vishal Khorlipara.


Mulaah is a home screen and digital wallet that refills itself. Advertisers display ads throughout the home screen and the revenue is shared with the user through Mulaah (M!). Mulaah can be spent to reload your pre-paid phone, get new themes, games and more.

For more information, please visit: www.mulaah.com and see the promotional video of Mulaah here https://youtu.be/kf9yZeLm67w 

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