A Look Back at a Refuge Crisis of Another Time

With the current refuge crisis capturing worldwide attention, a former refuge recounts another brutal time in history. In the newly released My Father’s Guiding Hand (Redemption Press) M. Gloria Meiusi recounts the brutal days of the 1940 Soviet occupation of Estonia. She shares her gripping and inspiring memories of her family’s life in Estonia when the Russian government first set up military bases in Estonia in 1939 and overthrew the government in 1940.

My Father’s Guiding Hand outlines how her father’s spiritual influence affected many lives, and the power of praying together as a family. Readers will be inspired by her account of trusting God in even the smallest things. Of interest to more than just the Estonians who lived during that period, it gives insight into a time when normal lives were disrupted and families displaced. The account also places high value on the physical and spiritual liberties that are often taken for granted.

Meiusi recalls harrowing memories of escaping the country in a small fishing boat during the stormiest time of the year and living in refugee camps in Sweden. She says, “It is truly a miracle that I am here, alive to tell this story, when I ‘rightfully’ should be dead on the bottom of the Baltic Sea.”

The book is a response to the many requests Gloria Meiusi has had to tell her story. She has shared her testimony at Christian Women’s Clubs, and elsewhere, but wanted to leave a legacy of hope for her grandchildren. My Father’s Guiding Hand is the result.

Published by Redemption Press, the book is available in paperback format for a retail price of $16.99 and E-book format for a retail price of $3.99; it can be purchased by visiting:

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